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CADA New Orleans - CADA is a community health agency, which wasfounded in 1960, that provides substance abuseprevention, education, and assessment services inboth English and Spanish, for youth and adults inOrleans, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Bernard,St. John and St. Tammany parishes.

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  • Randall Lewis - It's a nice TV for this price range

    It's a nice TV for this price range. I analyzed all the competition until I just had to make a decision and went with Samsung. Out of the box, the picture quality was very gray and drab but I went to Amazon and found some commenters who had tweaked their picture and used some of those settings and the picture improved dramatically. I'm sure I haven't gotten these settings just right yet so there is still some room for improvement. I don't really care too much about the apps, I just wanted the best picture possible. I stream Netflix, I have an Amazon fire stick and an Oppo Blue-Ray, which I seldom use these days with all the content out there. All in all, it's a pretty good TV and a good entry point into 4K Ultra HD.

  • matt - Sharpen your memory!

    As I approach my thirties, im finding myself not having such a sharp memory as I used to. People always used to compliment how well my memory was. Im talking remember things from when I was 3 years old, such as going to Disney world., Not only does this improve memory, but it improves focus as well. I have taken this product for about 5 days and am so shocked that I can actually FEEL it working already. This goes beyond the general nootropic supplement that EVERY single supplement company makes at least one variation of. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review!!

  • Aria - Grateful for this book!

    When I heard about Earthing a year and a half ago, I read a lot of reviews of this book. A few reviews said the book was just a promotion of products the author's company had for sale. I didn't buy the book then because of those reviews. I did recently buy and read it and wish I had done it when I first heard of it early last year. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone who actually read the book could say that, because there is no pushing of products in this book. Yes, you do learn a company was formed to sell products to use to get grounded while indoors, but it is mentioned where appropriate, there is not even any encouragement to buy them, and the book is information, not a sales job.

  • Donald Warner - GoPro Hero3 jumpstart 5/2013

    Hi. I bought the GoPro Hero3 Black after looking at the market extensively. All the various products have +/- depending upon what you are trying to do. I was wanting to film sports events from interesting vantage points and so the GoPro's higher video quality was persuasive.

  • Bookaholic - The only product I use

    This is the only product for curly hair that my hairdresser suggests, and the only one she carries in her shop which specializes in curly hair. I am very happy with the product. I have tried others and found the best results with this one

  • S. England - Great product

    It has definitely been helpful for my eczema, my allergies and bad headaches they come as a result have been much less frequent - almost non-existent since beginning taking the oil, sleep much better and more soundly, and skin is healthier and more supple in general. It has many other health benefits, but these are just the ones I've noticed the most. The taste is bad, but I take by spoon and simply follow it with something I like to drink and it is barely noticeable at all for literally a couple of seconds.