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City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • vfrizzo - Looks awesome and very functional.

    Looks awesome and very functional. Installed on my 2012 xterra and no change in signal. Also looks great.. No more annoying stock antenna scraping across the garage door when I pull in. Easy to install. Just unscrew the stock antenna and scew this bad boy in.. Would definately recommend.

  • Jessica - I like it

    I have long curly hair and this cleansing conditioner makes my hair soft without the frizzes. I workout and sweat badly, but it cleans my hair well. I can use this product only (no additional shampoo or conditioner) for about 4-5 days before I have to use a shampoo, but then I condition with it.

  • C. Chandler - Holiday Barbie

    Our adult daughterNlaw has collected these since they came out when she was a little girl. Since she has been a member of our family we have given her one each year. This year (for Christmas 2012) she wasnt as pretty as before. She had that " MAKE ME FOR CHEAP AS POSSIBLE" look to her.... her face wasnt even CLEARLY painted. and her hair was like straw... no attempt at all to make it just look like WIG hair?