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  • Debbie Nannini - Nice consistency of night cream

    Nice consistency of night cream. Seems to work very well at toning skin. Very surprised how the price of this cream has gone up! I paid over $50 and I thought THAT was pricey, at the time, but now, over $90 for that small size! Will not purchase, again!

  • RhythmLuvr - It gets the job done, but poorly.

    Full of bugs, every time I get an update I think maybe this time they fixed the bugs, but alas, no. Very poorly designed integration into the Mac OS. Like the title says it gets the job done, but very poorly.

  • BlueMackerel - ... I received them as gift and these are working great. They made my skin glowy with enough moisture ...

    I have been using these products line over 3 months since I received them as gift and these are working great. They made my skin glowy with enough moisture and nutrients. Most of all, I have very sensitive skin, especially with any products with SPF ingredients giving me allergic reaction (red swollen puffy & watery eyes) but the BB cream of Atomy didn't give me any side effect. So I tried their sun screen cream with SPF 50 and loved it. So I am planning to stick with these products.

  • Anonymous - requires far too much manual input

    TurboTax Business doesn't permit you to import 1099's, K-1's, etc. digitally. You have to input all the information manually--just like they did in the 1980's. K-1's are especially annoying because the main input system doesn't have the capacity to record all the miscellaneous information that you'll find on a typical K-1; you have to go to the relevant form in your return, manually override the nonsense that it automatically populated, and type in the right information yourself. I don't understand why the program lacks such basic features, since the TurboTax for personal income tax returns has all this already. The explanation I've read on their online user forum is that it's not cost-effective for them to do the necessary coding, because most people who need to file a 1041 will just hire a professional anyway. If that's true, it means they're perfectly happy to lose you as a customer, but in the meantime they'll keep collecting money from you every year if you wish to pay for the same tired program.