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  • Beanomly - Not overpowering and the kids like it.

    I picked this up for my kids who are big apple juice drinkers for a change. They both really liked it and said the cherry flavor was different, but not overpowering. It is now gone and I heard no complaints which is saying something. Believe me, if they didn’t like it, it would sit there forever.

  • William Ferguson - unhappy with it

    It worked in practice. But just had my computer crash and went to use this software to reinstall and and completely failed. I had 3 back ups and as I tried to use each one it told me something was missing and one was the first back up that had worked in the pass. So I don't know what is up. But this is unreliable. I will take my loss and move on.

  • R. (Payton) Mastromauro - Great set of knives!

    My sister-in-law gave me this knife set for christmas last year they still work very well, the only thing I find a little irritating is that the steak knives are a little too light or flimsy as some have called it here. Also the very tip of one of the knives were twisted by my mother, that should not have happened so easily. That said, everything else with the knife block set has worked out perfectly.

  • Sankara P. - Hooray for the poonami! Baby was backed up for a week and then pooped 3x in 24 hours! :-)

    Hallelujah! Our little guy was pretty regular (pooped 1x/day every day some time between 10 am and noon) and then we started supplementing with formula. Poor little guy was backed up for literally a week. He was 5.5 months at the time so we gave him two half doses and he pooped 3 times in 24 hours. Yay for the poonami! :-) We haven't had to use it again since, but if he gets backed up again, I know where to turn. Thanks, Mommy's Bliss!!!!

  • Chris - Why Buy This Game

    First off I would like to say I've been playing Civilization since I was about 13, starting with Civ 3. I've put hundreds of hours into Civ 4 and 5, and it's definitely an addicting game with limitless scenarios.

  • Dbrece - this helped every problem i had !!!!

    OMG!!!! i have been taking this oil for 2 months and i have to say i am impressed!!! i have tried all kinds of supplements over the years, and this is the only one that i can actually see results!! it helped my plantar fasciitis, my pinched nerve sciatic pain, cleared up my skin (from acne and razor bumps), it helps my knee pain, i am no longer sore or stiff when i get out of the bed in the morning. it gives me energy throughout the day when i take it in the morning with a cold liquid. it allows me to sleep all through the night when i take it before bed with warm liquid. it has helped my mood. helps my year round runny nose. I recommended this oil to all of my friends and family and some random strangers who seem to be in pain. for the price its worth it to see if it will work for you.

  • disappointed in leapfrog - FALSE ADVERTISING

    The camera and video app doesn't allow the full 2GB memory to be used as advertised. Once more than 1.2GB of apps is loaded onto the leappad, the camera app doesn't allow pictures to be taken. LeapFrog was contacted about this issue and has stated this is how it is designed and will not issue a software update to address this problem. A class action law suite is being filled against Leapfrog for false advertising regarding this issue.