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Bow Physical Therapy and Spine Center - At Bow Physical Therapy and Spine Center, our number one priority is the patient. We strive to provide individualized treatment with hands-on, compassionate

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  • T. Wong - perfect

    i just received this for my 7 mth old son in orange and it is perfect! the seating is nicely padded, the metal arms that anchor to the tabletop feels very solid (no moving or shaky parts). this feels like a very solid well-made product. i am anchoring this to our kitchen table in place of his bouncer so he has a place to hang out while i cook, it will be an useful item when we travel or eat out as well. the only complaint i could have is the underside arms that spin and lock the chair in place could spin more easily to make anchoring this chair to tables much faster but that is a really really small inconvenience. i am extremely pleased with this product, definitely well-worth the price!

  • jeff sekera - Ok, nice and light, but not well made.

    These are ok. 1 month of rides and they are showing wear, not a great value. Velcro strap is flimsy and has already begun to tear where it attaches to glove. Will not buy again.

  • mbarrett - Costco is identical and $80 less

    According the Silk'n website the "Bellalite" model is identical except color and is a Costco exclusive and costs $80 less.

  • Sebastian - Don't ever buy software that won't give you support even if you have their latest update.

    They have definitely downgraded their software... I used to have the 2013 version, everything worked fine. I upgraded to 2016 and now my backups won't queue automatically, so I can't leave all my backups running through the night. I thought it was probably something simple to fix, so I contacted support and they responded with a massive long email, and when I finally found the time to review it, I wasn't able to fix the problem... I then contacted them back and the case was closed and guess what! My support plan was expired! That was like 1 month period of useless support! This is the 2016 version and we are still on 2015 and these as#h@les drop support just like that! And NO, I don't want their cloud storage rip off, that's why I have my own external hard drives... And NO, I don't want to waste my time registering in their forums to wait for a miracle answer.

  • Tim P. Essebaggers - no wonder horses look so good

    I had heard about this product from farmer Friend is mine but never could quite wrap my mind around buying it for using on my hair. However I was talked into it, I bought a bottle, & I really like the way it lathers and cleans my hair. Also, it has a very nice scent.