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BOTOX® for cervical dystonia landing page - Help direct patients and caregivers to information about BOTOX®, a treatment for cervical dystonia

  • About cervical dystonia - Information on the basics of cervical dystonia, including the signs, symptoms, and how it's diagnosed
  • Treating cervical dystonia with BOTOX® - BOTOX® has been an effective treatment for blepharospasm for more than 20 years.

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  • Hernany - there are still good reasons to buy this game

    If you already own FIFA 14 on PS3, there are still good reasons to buy this game. First of all, Jamaica had a monumental breakdown in the last stage of Qualifying and now I can rewrite the story. This game features 202 International teams (if Im not mistaken) which is the largest roster of countries assembled. The game lets you play the world cup in whatever length you wish. You can play the final game, the knockout tournament, the group stages/tourney, or the full campaign of 4 years of Qualifying eventually leading up to the finale. There is also a re-vamp to the single player story, which allows you to go from a relative nobody, (competing with teammates for a spot before the next cut), to captaining your country on the grand stage. I recommend this game because the last time I got to play with Jamaica in a game was World Cup 98 and it feels good to hoist the gold for your country, especially if you hail from one that usually gets overlooked. I think many people around the world will buy this game for that reason and I think it will pay off in longevity. 2-3 years from now, no one will be playing FIFA 14, they will be playing FIFA 16-17, but I think this game will persist alongside.


    My daughter LOVES these games and they seem to come out every year right before CHRISTMAS. So is a tradition that my malate by this for her & she KNOWS she's getting it! I got very lucky because I got it when they were doing the Christmas specials that only lasted so many hours.arrived in perfect condition & my daughter is still dancing her heart ♥ out!

  • Ricardo Batista - But it fit Great holes matched up and i would def recommend

    I read some other reviews before i ordered it , and i was a lil worried because a few said holes didnt line up. But it fit Great holes matched up and i would def recommend.this grill . Cant get better on the price either but it almost cost me just as much to get it color matched to my jeep . so keep that in mind when you purchase

  • Brooklyn Reed - So far so good.

    I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS! Every pill, every plan, every challenge. I get some results with nearly everything. Only to gain it all back plus a few pounds for good measure every time. I have been taking real dose now for 3 weeks. I am hit and miss some days on taking the full amount. After week one, I noticed my cravings for sweets had disappeared. I own a pizza franchise, so I'm surrounded by deliciousness daily, and leaving the soda fountain alone was always hard for me, but I wasn't even interested in it. I wanted CRAVED water. I also started to feel like moving? (Not sure how to word this) I WANT to exercise.. I started feeling a need to move, really move. I want to say it's the real dose... I believe it's the real dose. I wasn't looking for a miracle cure for my fat ass. I just needed a good hard push in the right direction. Gave this a try and for that purpose it IS WORKING!! I also find that my appetite has decreased. I'm not needing as much food to fill up. I have had some upset stomach from it, but nothing unbearable. So far down 15lbs. I still have 80lbs to go, but I'm off to the best start I have ever had.

  • Billy - Great for my 2-3 year old!

    My son loves this bike. It's great balance training, I'm expecting a smooth transition to a pedal bike! If your's doesn't love the bike at first sight, keep trying some. Once they get the hang of it, they'll love it!