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  • Seattle Area Police Kill 23-Year Old Pregnant Woman During A Routine Welfare Check - A local police department is being criticized after two officers shot and killed Renee Davis, a 23-year old Black/ Native American woman who was five months
  • Washington, DC Area Pastor And Wife Charged With $1.2 Million Congregation Fraud Scheme - Terry Wayne and Brenda Millender, a local pastor and his wife, were recently arrested for their alleged involvement in a $1.2 million fraud scheme that
  • Women, Wealth & Wine: Certified Financial Planner Zaneilia Harris Launches The Finance ‘N Stilettos Wealth Retreat - The Finance ‘n Stilettos Wealth Retreat, in Sonoma, California, gives professional women a few days to strategize their financial future and become the best,
  • Innovative Crime Prevention Chess Program Designed Decrease Black On Black Violence & Increase "Black On Black Love" - Under the umbrella of the Annual Black On Black Crime Solutions Panel, the C2B Chess Club & Mentoring Program is looking extremely promising.
  • Howard University Honors Radio One, Inc. Founder And Chairperson Cathy Hughes As New Namesake For Its School Of Communications With Star-Studded Unveiling Ceremony And Celebration - During an exclusive, star-studded extravaganza, Howard University honored Cathy Hughes with the unveiling of the Cathy Hughes School of Communications.
  • "Buy Black" Movement Grabs International Attention - The Buy Black movement, a form of economic protest among African-Americans, is gaining steam at home and drawing attention abroad.
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Expo In The Washington, DC Area To Connect And Empower Black Business Women Leaders - Free event offers a dynamic opportunity for women in business from various sectors to get educated, to share information, and to get renewed inspiration about
  • Legendary Comedian Michael Colyar Brings His Funny To Radio - Michael Colyar replaces the late, great Doug Banks on the fresh, new nationally syndicated drive time radio show “The Afternoon Rush”.
  • Donald Trump Confirms He Is Bringing President Obama’s Half-Brother To The Next Presidential Debate - Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump's campaign has confirmed that President Barack Obama’s 58-year old half-brother, Malik Obama, will be in attendance
  • Two Seasoned Animators Of The Original Soul Train, Scooby Doo And Fat Albert Team Up To Bring Life To - Longtime animator/filmmaker Leo D. Sullivan is launching a new entertainment venture,, with stories and creative input from his longtime friend
  • Orrin Hudson, Chess Champion And Founder Of Be Someone, Appears On “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” - Orrin Hudson, two-time World Open speed chess champion, non-profit leader, and author of the Amazon Best-Selling One Move At A Time, How To Win At Chess And
  • African-American Math Tutor Publishes New Book Series Entitled, "Family Math LLC" -- Written For The Entire Family! - Johnny Bowens, an African-American math tutor and entrepreneur, has published his new math book series entitled, Family Math LLC. The series, which includes a
  • Two Sister Entrepreneurs Took A Leap On Faith With Their Amazing Gourmet Sauces And Landed In The "Shark Tank" - Based in Philadelphia, sisters Jorrae and Kelly Beard have turned an amazing sauce into a business that has revolutionized the way people experience food.
  • Advocate For Black Women And Teen Girls Releases Two Powerful Novels With Life Lessons For All - Acclaimed author Felecia Poolé has released her thought-provoking Stormi Girl book series. These powerful coming of age novels that have everything you could
  • "Know Your Worth" Movement To Educate Black Women (and Men) On The Power They Behold In Dating, Overcoming Domestic Violence, And Self-Worth - The Know Your Worth movement aims to empower African American women and men, helping them to realize the power that they behold in overcoming life traumatic
  • 18-Year Old Howard University Student Was The Youngest Chosen By Black Enterprise To Compete In Silicon Valley - One of the future student technology moguls at Howard University's College of Engineering Program is 18-year old David Hill, Jr. - who entered Howard University
  • TV One Celebrates The 100th Episode Of Viewer Favorite, "Fatal Attraction," On Monday Oct. 17 At 9pm ET - Fatal Attraction birthed TV One’s foray into true crime shows when it launched in 2012. Since then, the series has garnered a strong following of Arm Chair
  • The Hiring Demand For Black Tech Professionals Continues -- Next Up, The Washington DC Area! - HBCU Connect is offering Black technical professionals in the D.C. Maryland, and Virginia area, the opportunity to meet with representatives from Microsoft, to
  • 'Heelusions™ Heels By Design' Partners With Susan G. Komen To Connect Women’s Health With Fashion - In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Heelusions Heels by Design, has added a limited edition pink ribbon design to its lineup of popular shoe heel
  • RLJ Entertainment And AMC Networks Form Strategic Partnership For Streaming Services - Bob Johnson, Founder and Chairman of RLJ Entertainment, and Josh Sapan, President and CEO of AMC Networks, Strongly Commit to Bringing Consumers More Diverse,

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  • Martin Aguilar - Mazda 3....basic model for driving lots of miles....

    Great car...drives excellent...gas mileage is awesome...built very well....really enjoy driving my 3.....take a test drive....

  • Karen K. Little - Formerly loved this product - doesn't work on Win 8, Surface Pro

    This is one of the best products available for offline navigation. Unfortunately, it does not work on Win 8 - or maybe I should say, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.

  • Jay Elle - Worth indulging

    I have been using this product for about 5 years now. It is well worth the money to me since a jar lasts at least a year if you receive the whole package in pristeen condition. Apply the cream sparingly. A tiny bit covers the whole face and leaves even my ultra sensitive skin soft, smooth and nourished. Call it my guilty pleasure, except that I don't feel guilty about it all.

  • Amazon Customer - Sleeping through the alarm

    For our entire married life so far (24+ years), my wife and I have had a waterbed. We started with the old, full flow, wooden box type water bed. Over the years we've had a couple of others. Our latest was a soft-side water bed with 2 separate, baffled, separately heated bladders. We loved it for a while. But for the past year, I haven't been able to sleep in it. I was continually waking up throughout the night and unable to get a decent night's sleep. My wife was also getting increasingly unhappy with the bed. We recently moved and I vowed to my wife that we would not setup the waterbed in the new house. We looked at several beds and decided on the Purple. The first night, I think I woke up once or twice to turn to my side, but quickly fell back to sleep. Now I have a new problem. I've slept through my alarms (yes, I set two of them) for the past three days. It's fantastic and alarming at the same time. I'm obviously getting a great, deep, restful sleep, but now I can't wake up! Haha! I'm sure that I will adjust in time. We've only had the mattress for a week or so. I'm waiting for a day soon when I don't have to set the alarm and see how long I sleep. I'm hoping for at least noon. My wife likes it, not loves. She says that it's not as "squishy" as she was anticipating. But she agrees that it's far better than the waterbed. I would recommend this mattress to anyone.

  • okra - Designer of this mop has never mopped.

    I looked at the photos, and still I ordered this mop. People said it was great. I knew it would be some strips of fabric tied to the end of a stick. And it is. I thought to myself, "how can this mop, with a single pressure point and some floppy strips, successfully mop?" Then I ordered it anyway. Imagine tying some shoestrings to the other end of a mop handle, then attempting to mop. I now use it just to sort of lightly collect spots of dirt off the floor, thinking the whole time, "bad design is never ok."

  • Dalton Bray - Great for Keeping Those Huge Ships Away!!!

    The other night my wife Amy and I were sleeping peacefully in our bed when we heard a tiny rumble coming from our house downstairs. Worried, Amy sent me downstairs to check on the thing. I grabbed by baseball bat and sneaked by way downstairs, but by that time, whatever it was was gone, leaving only what looked like a big trail. I had an idea as to what the source of it, but it wasn't until later events that I began to suspect what it could possibly be.

  • PedroD - Don't see a difference

    My clubhead speed tops out around the 109 cutoff for the B330 (per the marketing direction), so I tried these. Didn't notice much difference. Seemed like an occasional iron shot would fly long (not a good thing) but far from scientific evidence. Definitely does not go any further off the driver for me. I'm happy with the B330s. They're the same price anyway.