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Biopsybell - Medical devices - Biopsybell - Production and online sales of biomedical products and single-use instruments like biopsy needles and sets for kyphoplasty.

  • Biopsybell - Dispositivi medici - Biopsybell - Produzione e vendita online di prodotti biomedicali e strumenti mono uso come aghi da biopsia e set per cifoplastica.
  • Gynaecology - Biopsybell - Needle for aspiration of chorionic villus,needle Gynaecology,needle for cytologic and blood aspiration

    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 12.5473 Rome, Italy

  • Phyllis - I like that I don't want to eat but choose to ...

    I am going to say first and foremost, I am not a distributor and I'm not going to put the name of my distributor on here so that you all can see I'm giving an honest review based on my experience. I have had this product two days and I am very sensitive to anything with stimulants in it is why I didn't buy a cheaper product. Now this does have caffeine, but it's less than a mountain dew soda. I haven't been jittery thus far. I take this with my biggest meal and Thermofit with the others and my appetite is hugely reduced. I really have only ate the last two days to live because I haven't craved or wanted anything. I like that I don't want to eat but choose to eat to be healthy and I've honestly made better choices. In the thermofit is an ingredient that apparently helps with pain and pain sensing nerves so I think it actually dulls hunger pains so you don't think you are hungry until your blood sugar drops and you actually need to eat. I'm giving this five stars for curbing this appetite.

  • Crystal Puglisi - But love the shoes

    I am usually an 8.5-9 at the most. Had to return for 1 size larger. But love the shoes. Very comfortable.

  • Lori Salma - GET THIS APP NOW!!!! 🐆🐪🐘🐦

    When you start the game you are a cheetah. (Good choice gfg!) After you reach a certain level you can become a gazelle. The running style is AMAZING. The concept is AMAZING. The controls are AMAZING. Basically everything is amazing. There is my only one problem: Lag. But if you don't play for too long you should be fine. There are multiple dens to choose from so you feel more free and more wild like the animal you are playing as. The main glitch I have with the other simulators is that after I kill my prey it gets up and walks away, but with Ultimate Savanna Simulator it doesn't happen as much. Im really excited for ulitmate cat simukator!Anyways I'm gonna get back to racing around the savanna with my cheetah.

  • Kindle Customer - I like this app

    I have bought many items from this app. I find that what I see in this app is the same items in our store for a great deal less. The one major problem that sometime you have to wait awhile for the item you've purchased. Then there are other vendors who ship them out quickly. They do have a tendency to put measurements in centimeters since I don't know centimeters conversion to inches I need a guide. But if you like to save money this and geek are the places.

  • LASO - he was disappointed as he did not feel the beer tasted any ...

    Bought for my husband at Father's Day ... he was disappointed as he did not feel the beer tasted any different, and not like draft. Can use it to keep beer cool though.

  • customratrods - Quick, cheap, easy fix that seems to work

    This stuff is a lifesaver! I was pretty skeptical of this product, since head gaskets can be such a huge issue. (Let me first say that everyone should do a quick search as to diagnosing a blown head gasket, as it could stand between you and having to buy a new engine.)

  • Nugma - Memeory Mouse Mat

    This is the most comfortable mouse mat one can use. I work 8-9 hours at the computer and this item really takes the stress of your wrist. Should be a mandatory item for any one who needs ergonomics to work without pain..