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  • Jacob Nahrstedt - I'm about 5 11 and a large fits perfect I'm very happy with the jersey and it is ...

    Ordered from activinstinct in the uk and it arrived at my house in the us in about 2 weeks and it was expected to take twice as long. I'm about 5 11 and a large fits perfect I'm very happy with the jersey and it is the replica version not the authentic version.

  • Michael Y. - I would like to also point out the main reason why I ...

    As other reviewers have already pointed out. The cost of the formula used to make an oz have increased. I would like to also point out the main reason why I decide to write a review for this new changed in Similac Alimetnum, colic. Before the change, this product used to be awesome as it helped in gasing and colic. Unfortunately, with the new packaging and whatever change they used to make the product, I too notice that my baby started having colic about once a day. For parents that might not be monitoring or didn't notice the change in their child (ya silly me), be aware that the change in this product might not work for colic as good any more. If anyone tried the other major brand of formula that still works well for colic, please share with the community.

  • ClshCtyRawker - Meh. Didn't Work as Advertised at All

    Meh. It smells terrible and did nothing to help reduce ingrown hairs. Like, if you're using it in an area you want anyone to go near, they're going to ask why you smell like vinegar. Maybe it'd be okay to use overnight if you don't sleep with anyone else? The reviews on here made it seem like a miracle product, but it's basically rubbing alcohol and aspirin, and they're charging a lot for that.

  • Chuck Maru - Great light-medium weight multipurpose lube

    It's not a penetrating lube like WD. It's a little thicker and probably longer lasting. It's less thick than most oils (and all greases). Goes on clean. Really slick. So it's in kind of a sweet spot for lubing things you can access, like sliding glass door tracks.

  • Amazon Customer - Taste is good and it helps me with another boost of energy ...

    Taste is good and it helps me with another boost of energy during the afternoon. Works for making me not feel so hungry in between shakes as well.

  • Ozark DC9 - horrible experience

    What happened to Jackie C is exactly what happened to me!!! I had new Bruce hardwood floors installed last year. They have a nice shine to them, so when I saw "Rejuvenate" I thought, perfect. I applied it to the floor, and indeed, initially, it looked really nice. But only after a few weeks, something was noticeably wrong. There were white splotches and areas that looked like they were a creamy, dull color. I was really perplexed. I had the guys come out who installed the floor to look at it and he immediately knew what the problem was--it was the Rejuvenate. He brought some Bruce hardwood cleaner, and also told me to go buy a small soft putty knife. He also told me to get Odorless Mineral Spirits. So for the past two days, I have been spraying a combination of the mineral spirits,water, and the Bruce floor care cleaner on my floor, let it sit for awhile, and then I am able to scrape the Rejuvenate off with the putty knife. An amazingly frustrating and time consuming experience.

  • kesha - Never Again

    The Crystal Radio Kit that I ordered is great. It came from Best Service Store. Ha Ha Ha That's not the right name for them. My product was ordered on July 29, 2011, it was lost. I had to contact to store, they did ship it out, but they ship the wrong item. I did finally receive the right item August 28, 2011 almost a month later. I needed this item for a class and this company caused me to lose point off my grade. I would order this product again just not from this store.