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Beyond Machu Picchu – Travel Advice, Tips, and Stories - Travel advice and stories from the owner of philanthropic adventure travel company, Llama Expeditions. The blog is based on her many scouting trips to Peru, the Galapagos Islands, and the salt flat of Bolivia.

  • 5 Really Cool Places to Go in Peru - My friends and family always want to know why I keep going back to Peru. I've been going to Peru at least once a year since 2008! My answer: there is just so much to see and do in Peru that I never get tired of it. Here are my top 5 favorite places I love to go in Peru.
  • Our Bolivia Adventure: Discovering La Paz - We wrap up our tour in Boliva with one last day discovering the delights of La Paz.
  • Our Bolivia Adventure: Back to El Salar - Our adventure continues with one last day of exploring in El Salar de Uyuni, Boliva.
  • Our Bolivia Adventure: Lagoon Hopping & Flamingo Spotting - Today was another spectacular day in the Bolivian altiplano. Read about our adventures as we off road it back to Uyuni.
  • Our Bolivia Adventure: Lagoons, Flamingos, & Geysers - We spend the day visiting multicolored lagoons, spotting three varieties of pink flamingos, and walking though steaming out geysers. Who knew there was so much to see in the middle of nowhere Bolivia?!
  • Our Bolivia Adventure: Exploring the Altiplano - On this leg or our Bolivian adventure, we make it to Uyuni and then head into the altiplano.

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  • timothy emerson - I was very skeptical, but I admit it, they worked.

    I really didn't think these would work, I'm a bit of a skeptic at heart. Putting a sticker on my nose to prevent snoring reminded me of those magnetic bracelets that were a fad a few years ago that were supposed to give you more energy, or reduce pain or some such nonsense. I was curious why the reviews were so positive, so I took the advice from the comments and ordered the free sample from the website. Well, they worked, and I've only been caught snoring once since I've started using them. Yes, the adhesive is very strong - which is fine, I'd rather not have skin oils loosen the thing a few hours into sleeping. You just have to be careful removing it in the morning - warm water and soap will work just fine.

  • Myrna G. - How good it is to stay healthy with these tasty little gummies.

    This is a wonderful way of getting Cranberry into your diet. They taste wonderful--I just want to eat them, but only 2 are needed per day. I also drink the juice but it takes a bit of will to do it. The juice is pretty tart from the bottle but the gummies taste so good! It is a wonderful way to be sure that the urinary tract is kept in top shape and cleansed. I have had to order on line because the Walgreens and Walmart can't seem to keep enough on their shelves. Oh, well, I don't mind getting them in the mail.