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  • Sunsetseler - Smells like Ginger and Lemon... Hilarious commercials got my attention!

    I got this for the boyfriend. I will say this... it is very stinky and if you get it on you, you are going to smell like the poo-pourri for quite awhile and it doesn't wash off easily. I thought that the commercials were hilarious and I must admit my boyfriend can be a tad ...... how shall I say... odiferous. So this went into his stocking this year. It really does work because he definitely gave it ample testing.... I did however get it on my skin and I didn't enjoy the smell hence the 4 stars instead of 5. It has what appears and smells to be ginger and lemon. It is a bit pricey but if they could come up with something for gas and the lovely sounds that come with that I would definitely buy that shi* too!!

  • Nichole J. - love this product!

    I couldnt write sooner because it took a couple of months to show growth. Even my husband says "wow" I have lots of crazy new hairs that are about 2 -3 inches in length. I placed Rogaine in a spray bottle and just sprsyed thinning areas. Its working!

  • Mary L Turner - It's like looking through a half empty plastic milk bottle

    This makes my teeth as white as they can get considering that I used to use baking soda all the time. Then one day baking soda stopped working. My dentist changed his address and his new office had a window where the sun came right in you face. This is when he found out that my teeth were transparent from using baking soda every day. It's like looking through a half empty plastic milk bottle. This product works well and does not hurt my sensitive teeth and gums.

  • K. Lipio - 2016 New Astrology Horoscope

    What a fun thing to read, it is not about knowing what is going to happen more than it is to just want to know about how well you are doing for the year! Celebrate the Year with a True Bang!

  • Aislyn - Advanced Vivid Whitening Strips

    I have used Crest products for many years but I haven't used whitening strips in several. The last time I whitened my teeth was about 3 or 4 years ago when they still sold the original Crest strips. These new strips are a HUGE improvement compared to the old ones. The whitening power scale is very helpful, these level 3 strips had good power but didn't give me any sensitivity whatsoever. The Advanced Seal Technology is amazing... the strips no longer slip and slide around on your teeth, seep whitening liquid into your mouth, OR make you drool like crazy. I could go about my normal day with these on for just 30 minutes for two weeks.

  • Francis D. Long - Highly recommended

    Excellent product, much better than Liverite which I took for years. Not sure if it is coincidental or not but I just got back from my doctor's office where I was told that my LDL (bad)cholesterol had dropped almost 40 points. I haven't changed any eating habits or added any additional supplements so perhaps there is an ancillary benefit to taking this product. At any rate, I have much more energy than I used to have and generally feel better.