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Belmont Park Retreat - Natural Health Clinic in Lower Hutt, New Zealand offering Medical Herbal, Naturopathic, Scenar treatments

Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.327 Northland Region, New Zealand

  • leeann - ... ended up playing with the settings and it works great very impressed with how light weight it is and ...

    Was not working when I got it but ended up playing with the settings and it works great very impressed with how light weight it is and very easy to use

  • D. Faller - Best Bike mag available....

    "for the common cyclist"..not the one that wants to read about a $5000 new fangled creation way out of their price range. Has a 'hip' tone---not for supporting the products of large corporations. Great read.......

  • Capt AJ Rimmer - Great for adults too.

    Obviously this isn't a professional bmx bike; but for the price there is no better bmx bike on the market. Very solid, with quality components. Took maybe 30 mins to assemble. I'm 5' 10" and 160 lbs, and I bought it for myself. If you're an adult just starting out in the world of bmx, this is perfect. If you're an adult getting a bike for your kid, again, perfect.

  • The Shank - I feel like it's been created to make me fail

    Awful, Awful, Terrible product. I swear word 2010 it is out to get me - it's like a mean 5 year old. Adding numbering and bullets to documents have never been easy on word, but it was manageable - now it's apparently their way or the highway:

  • TravellingSunny - Entertaining and Useful

    I enjoy Rick Steves' sense of humor, and he lays out the major tourist sites (as well as several not so major sites.) The format is easy to read, and the book contains a lot of very useful information for first time visitors to Rome. I specifically love the "walks" that are suggested in the book - scenic walking tours that you can do on your own with directions, what to look for, etc.

  • Sharon Jeffrey - awful product...please read

    Its horrible. My daughter ordered it. She has a huge red, pimple type bump under her eye. Shes having a horrible time getting her money back. She has a doctors appointment. This isnt like an allergy. It looks awful and besdies, its like glue. I had to rate to submit, no star deserved.