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L'Allegra Brigata bed and breakfast - Finale Ligure - B&B a Finale Ligure Allegra Brigata, iscritto ai Bike Hotels di Finale Ligure. B&B con ricovero bici, officina piccole riparazioni, lavaggio bici.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Roy Springer - Perfect fit

    Ordered to replace a broken front mud flap on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. Came as a pair so I replaced both. Perfect fit, all holes lined up. Reused old mounting hardware. Was a 10 minute job for each side. Great product.

  • Amanda - These shoes are very light, but very narrow. ...

    These shoes are very light, but very narrow. And the tongue is ATTACHED to the shoe, which I was not clear on before I purchased. They cannot be loosened up at all, which is a bummer. Hard to get on. Once you get them on, they are comfy (just narrow).

  • Amazon Customer - I don't know what's going on but I just used ...

    I don't know what's going on but I just used the revive shampoo & conditioner and when I combed my hair out it came out in the comb in patches, I'm sitting here crying as I'm writing this review. I've called the number on the back of the bottle and I haven't heard back from anyone. It started out tingling on my head then went into full out BURNING!!!!. My head is now very sore where the biggest patches of hair came out. I WOULDN'T USE THIS PEOPLE UNLESS YOUR DOCTOR TELLS YOU TO... My hair was already thin but now so much hair is coming out I look bald CRYING......

  • Tammy H - why didn't i listen to the bad reviews this time??

    I absolutely hate this thing. A total waste of money. I do have a humidifier that provides the humidity and this never matches it. The air temperature, which is primarily why we bought it is a general idea of what the actual room temperature is. I never see 71, 74, or 76. The temp display simply never ever, not even once indicated those read outs, rather the read out would jump up or down to the next consecutive number. I also can't stand that there's no display light. Save up a couple extra bucks and get something actual reads and subsequently displays the actual air temperature.

  • Bradley - Good product and I like the items in the product

    This is the first all in one product with single serving packets that I found that work for me. This product is easy to use and its already seperated out for you. I would have gave it five stars but the effects of the product seemed to be a little water weight but that is expected out of a building product like this. I like it for ease of use and its portable. I am not carrying 5 different powders or pill bottles with me. You still need a good protein supplement to go with this but its got you covered for the most part. I like it but I would try it out because everyones chemistry is different. Give it time though it took two canisters for me to start really seeing results.