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CoMentis: Home - CoMentis, Inc. - Homepage of the pharmaceutical company CoMentis, Inc., specializing in discovery and development of small-molecule CNS drugs.

Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6376 Illinois, United States

  • SHARON DODD - Great deal

    Item arrived very quickly and it is great quality for the price. Installation was extremely easy! I'm not that electronic saver but it was very easy for me!

  • Husker<3er - Whether you found it via Breaking Bad or not, a great great song!

    Oh my god... great song. How could I have never heard this song before? We found it because of.... the Breaking Bad finale. It was so fitting and perfect in the finale, and we had to have it. But we love it now just for the great song it is.

  • Olivia - not bad

    I thought this product did a good job but i havent had the chance to use it again so im looking forward to the chance i can use it again. Dont use it after you've done it the day before it burns your gums.

  • Adriana - amazing results!

    I have taken this product & went from size 16 to 10 in 3mo! Never weighed myself cuz the scale is my foe! My bro took it b4 me & lost 90# in 4mo! U want it to work great & faster...stop eating junk! With nothing u take will u lose weight if u cont to eat junk!

  • K. Murr - It Works

    After reading everything I could from his website, I bought the book and have been following it with ease! I have lost 10 lbs and 2 inches from my waist in the last few weeks with no exercise. The amazing thing about this program is you are NOT HUNGRY. You don't get cravings! You feel satisfied! I was shocked that all my fat free, low calorie foods I was eating before were the actually culprit to my cravings and binging. Why? Cuz they were loaded with sugar. Give this a try, make it a lifestyle. It will really impress you!

  • Earthkatt - What a Great Source of Information!

    I bought this for my husband, as he is interested in just about anything. The Brittanica 2012 has a massive bank of information for one to search. Endless possibilities here!

  • Pinback - Quick cup.

    I'very made about half a dozen cups so am still learning to judge how much coffee to use and how long to steep the brew. Every cup has been good but not noticeably better than from my automatic drip machine. Clean up is easy.