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  • Teamsr2k1 - Great mats for all weather!!

    Same price as if you ordered direct from WeatherTech and faster shipping with Prime. It's a no brainer!

  • Jessica - I enjoy that this product emphasizes gradually going on and off ...

    I enjoy that this product emphasizes gradually going on and off of these pills. You don't get that very often with diet pills I feel like. They gave me a HUGE caffeine boost though. To the point where if I skipped a morning I would start getting a caffeine headache before 11 am. They also encourage you to work out with the pills. And I feel like they work a lot better if you are working out regularly with them. Didn't notice a huge weight loss though. Less than 10lbs over a month and a half. And I could chalk that up to the workouts too.

  • Bob C. - Terrific coffe table book

    Guinness is full of surprises from cover to cover. Some of the strangest world records you'll find anywhere. This isn't a book to read but one to open at any page for an amusing and amazing feat of human endeavor.

  • John J. Mitchell - If you have a previous version, stay with it!!!!

    I downloaded the software. Took forever. took multiple times to get it to install properly. Prior to this upgrade, I was using Office 2010 and Lync 2013. Since the install, Lync 2013 is broken and no amount of reinstalls will get it working. Then, if you want an exersize in futility, try working with Microsoft (non)Support. My Scottish Terrier can do better. If I didn't need th Microsoft product for work, I would stay with my Apple/Mac set up.