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Asheville Gastroenterology Associates - NC - AGA are committed to providing the highest quality and most comprehensive healthcare in the field of digestive diseases for patients in Asheville and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

  • pancreatitis - Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. Our pancreas is important because it helps with food digestion and regulating sugar in the body.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Central_Iowan - The recipient of this gift thinks highly of the essays it contains

    This turned out to be a good holiday gift. The recipient assumed that these would be very dry essays, but they're anything but, and she's found the personal essays especially engaging.

  • Shelby Brent Self - Bangs the hell out of my kicker crv 15

    I have had this amp for 3 days now and i am blown away! Im pushing a kicker crv 15 1000w rms and this amp bangs that 15 hard! It litterally hurts your stomach.. Super pleased and would reccomend this to anyone trying to out bang their friends!

  • Robin Orlowski - Back in Business

    This product does not come auto-bundled with Microsoft office anymore. I was expected to purchase it separately. Well actually, if I wanted access to my documents I had painstakingly worked on ever again, I did not have choice. I had to shell out extra bucks for this ontop of the new computer. All of that aside, the setup process was fairly easy---because I was left to do this completely on my own too Print preview and zoom (for some reason) are now difficult to find??

  • Marketmutt - The best I've found

    I'm not usually moved by haircare products but I love this stuff and I've been using it for over a year. I use it on dry hair. I've used it on my hair while it's wet and, for my hair, the result is better when I apply it after it's dry. My hair is light colored, shorter style, fine texture, and a lot of it. After Party makes quite a noticeable difference in the shine and makes it much more manageable. Initially, I thought the product was going to make my fine hair limp, but instead it actually makes it fuller (as long as I don't use too much and I work it in well). Because I color my hair, and as I've gotten older, my hair tends to be drier. This product makes my hair look silky, shiny, much healthier and it feels really nice. It's especially great after swimming or being out in the wind, sun, etc. I have tried a lot of haircare products trying to tame wispies, add body, and add shine. This does it all and is the one hair care product I consistently use because it's just that good. Plus, it smells good!

  • Craig - Good buy

    I am looking one camcorder which in lower price and nice picture performance. This just what I am looking for. I shoot a video by use this for my family, it works grate. Easy to operate, with anything just what we need.

  • Amazon Customer - Better than a CFL, doesnt touch a 600W Sodium

    I waited for a full flower cycle to review this light. It is very blue, not a lot of red spectrum for flowers. However.....was very impressed. Quality was excellent and the yield was 25% better than expected. That said, if you want yield, you need power. This is a 276 watt pull, yield was on par with a 400W sodium. Sodium produces a bit denser of a flower but this was pretty good. Truthfully this is not a real substitute for HID lighting but it is significantly better than big CFLs. I have 3 125W CFLs in a group that dont yield anything close to this lamp. If you want big yields a 600w sodium will utterly eclipse this lamp. I needed more light than my single 600w shade could produce for a footprint and another 600w sodium was too much for the room and the power outlets. Adding this allowed me to cycle 4 more plants than usual and let me spread some of that LED spectrum around and the results glisten. But again, this is not a viable substitute for power. You want bang for your buck you go HID.