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Inicio - Asegurar la estabilidad, integridad y funcionalidad ecosistematica que proporcionan beneficios globales y medios de vida sostenibles en la cuenca binacional del Río Artibonito

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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Dead Animal/Sweat/Poop/The Devils Breath

    This s*** definitely stinks (pun intended). I think the best reaction I got from this was when sprayed it in a styrofoam cup at work (I work at a restaurant) and then I left it on the corner of a table in the back. OH MY GOD LOL it was hard to keep a straight face as everyone began accusing each other of s***ting their pants, or saying everyone seriously needed deodorant (Because it smells like a concoction of both). Then I threw the old cup away and an hour later I sprayed a new one with it (and it stays concentrated in there for a while). I brought the cup to my boss and told him I think this is where the smell is coming from. He went on a total man hunt through the giant box of cups, trying to find a possible dead animal. That was a fun day.

  • Nancy Moore - A relatively honest but brief telling

    This book is amazing in its coverage. It seems a good description of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz but with so much "life" between the two of them and all they accomplished, the author could only hit the high (and low) spots. The obvious conclusion is Lucy and Desi profoundly and deeply loved each other and kept those feelings until death. I gave the book only four stars - not because of the story but the editing which was atrocious! All in all, recommended if you can ignore the writing flaws.

  • Eva M. Wilson - Left streaks on my laminate floor

    I hired someone to clean my laminate floors. They are in very good shape and have a beautiful golden color. She cleaned them until the water ran clear on her mop. She then applied Quick Shine. It left a streaky mess and nothing to be proud of. She was upset about this. She said that last year a product I had worked much better. It's called ProShot Industrial renewing floor finish.

  • Sunshine - Study Tool

    This was helpful in preparing for the GRE, but I would not rely solely on this book. The GRE subject test books were extremely helpful, so I was a little disappointed with this one on the General Test. It does provide 2 full length tests which is useful if you have never taken the GRE before. If you have taken it before and are looking to increase your score, there are more useful tools out there.

  • Grrgoyl - Meets my Expectations (which granted weren't high)

    I am probably a mid level athlete -- somewhere between couch potato and personal trainer. Staying active is important to me, but not enough to commit to a structured regimen. And I've learned, if exercise isn't fun I simply won't do it.