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Architectural Evangelist - BIM Magazine | Sustainability | Urban Planning - Architectural Evangelist is the international magazine highlighting trends and innovations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. We welcome readers to share their views.

  • Architectural Evangelist - Popular Features - Innovation - Sustainability and BIM In 1972 Welsh architect Alex Gordon wrote about the need for "Long Life, Loose Fit, Low Energy"; Today this would tra...
  • Architectural Evangelist - Popular Features - Renovation - Repairs, Retrofits and Renovations The XII Volume of Architectural Evangelist´┐Żdeals with saving our historical and rich heritage buildings, savin...
  • Architectural Evangelist - Popular Features - Execution - Measuring the Value of BIM Investments in Small Firms In the Volume XI of Architectural Evangelist, our experts discuss about - Why the task of adopti...
  • Architectural Evangelist - Outsourcing - architecture outsourcing section encompasses views and opinions of global fraternity of architects on various angles of architecture outsourcing, benefits of drafting outsourcing, types of engagement models prevalent in aec industry, contractual methods of outsourcing, outsourcing firms, top outsourcing companies, mep outsourcing, cad outsourcing, bim outsourcing, revit outsourcing.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Leading Architecture and Design Magazine - Architectural Evangelist is a leading architecture and design magazine focused on latest building design, development and renovation trends, technology, software and processes.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Rethinking The Contractual Context for The BIM-enabled Projects - Discrepancies in construction delivery methods and contracts lead to the failure of BIM execution plan.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Without a Trace: Creating an Existing-Conditions BIM Model for a Renovation - How do we transform an existing building in all its glory into a 3D digital model suitable for BIM purposes, Kris Weeks recommends two advanced methods which you can use to start the design of your renovation project 'without a trace'.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Diving into BIM-sphere: A Guide to Strategic Planning of Transitioning to BIM Process - Transitioning to BIM platform is more than just a technology or process change, Architectural Evangelist collection.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Decorating for the Seasons Summer - tips and guidelines to make home more comfortable during the summer season by making very small changes like color of walls and curtains, building sunshade, home design, exterior design, interior design, roof garden, tree plantation, window coverings, using cfls.
  • Architectural Evangelist - 4D BIM Modeling: Improve Cost, Scheduling and Coordination of Building Project - 4d model is a 3d cad model attached to the fourth dimension of time via a schedule. 4d bim modeling is gaining the momentum in the aec and mep industry, delivering significant benefits to home builders, architectural firms, real estate developers, engineers and manufacturers.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Bridging Gap between BIM & Residential Owners - There is a storm sweeping across the construction industry - the BIM Storm. Residential developers can't ignore it. The article finds the reasons and forecasts the future trend of the construction industry.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Exercising the Right BIM Strategy for the Renovation - With the help of BIM, collaborating designers and engineers can in short order make more informed and better coordinated decisions about to what exten...
  • Architectural Evangelist - Braving the New World of BIM - The task of adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be very daunting for small architectural and constructions firms. But, BIM Building Information Modeling offers the potential to work smarter and more collaboratively.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Sustainability and BIM - Daniel Lindahl identifies the five broad areas of focus for sustainable building and elaborates them in more detail: context, labour, materials, operation and longevity.
  • Architectural Evangelist - Overcoming the Building Information Modeling Barriers - Building Information Modeling is a more economical and efficient way of designing and documenting. But the cost of BIM implementation has been the strongest roadblock for small architectural firms.
  • Architectural Evangelist - BIM Cloud and the AEC Collaboration Hub - Project collaboration is the number one reason why firms are migrating to a cloud environment today. AEC industry is no exception!
  • Architectural Evangelist - Little BIM for Great Future - Having a BIM enabled software does not mean that you are BIM-med. There BIM is not a software, it is a culture that needs to be adapted.

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  • A. Dabbs - Concise & user-friendly!

    Logically structured, concise, and easy to read, this little book definitely epitomizes the word "handbook". It's practical, comprehensive, and includes a robust appendix. It's a must-have resource for those in HR and those managing people.

  • Charles Springer - Full of Bugs

    I bought this game after a view on you tube. I must say the fact it crashes and crashes it was a waste of money. Even with the release of version 1.1 it still crashes. What a disappointment.

  • John Romansky - Old rehashed information and NOT up to date

    When this first came out, it was a good book worth recommending. Now, however, little has changed. There are many sections that are obsolete and give outright incorrect information. There is nothing mention on the new fiscal cliff law that had a LOT of tax changes as an example. I think he wanted to get his book out for tax time even if it had wrong or obsolete information. I wish I could return the book. It may say "2013 edition," but don't believe it!

  • Amazon Customer - Rock The block

    This thing is a clear choice, i have many Bluetooth speakers and this one takes the cake. The housing is built very well, the bass and treble is damn good, volume goes to 28, inside the house i put it on 12 and that filled my entire living section up with a nice sound, outside the house i leveled it to the the max, no distortion and the bass still rocked but that was a test and its very loud, volume outside on 18 or 20 is pretty reasonable. the radio is louder then the Bluetooth, volume on 12 outside seriously rocks.