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  • A.T. - Perfectly natural antibiotic.

    Although, pure powder with no additives would be better in this case THE PRICE IS RIGHT and it isn't something I will be taking chronically so it's all good. :) I took it for candida (500mg three times a day, 6 horus apartn with vitamin e oil and cayenne) but I didn't add enough good bacteria probiotics so when I ran out The candida came back with a vengeance. That just serves to show its effectiveness though. Now i got this and water kefir grains and soon milk kefir grains annd I'm gonna kick all the bad bugs/yeasts but. The key to a good antibiotic regimen is to add good bacteria more than the antibiotic can kill, thus while its killing the bad bacteria faster than they can reproduce, you are adding good bacteria in fast than the antibiotic can kill it and they are taking up residence in that freed up space. Thus you circumvent the community resistance that would occur if you were just taking probiotics and no Goldenseal. Anyway, after a bit (3 weeks maybe?) you reach a tipping point where there is more good bacteria than bad bacteria and you can stop taking the antibiotics and the good bacteria will clean up. DO keep taking probiotics though. And do not stop the antibiotics too early.

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