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  • Reed On - Love it!

    I'm a cancer survivor with a low immune system. I take it when I am going to be in large crowds. It works for me!!

  • Pen Name - Don't Fall For it!

    This is such a scam. The price is just ridiculous, for starters. My husband and I were so excited to try this, and after one solid week, couldn't even continue. We both had headaches all the time from being constantly hungry, and cutting out caffeine (this was a recommendation by our rep), I felt light-headed most days, and just plain crappy. I was told this was my body detoxing itself. No, this was my body going into starvation mode. I agree with other reviews: people are supposed to eat. Not drink their meals, or starve themselves and justify it by calling it a "cleanse." We lost more weight and felt so much better doing it, by tread-climbing, cutting out sugar, and stopping eating after 6pm.