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amitamin: amitamin® Shop: Aminosäuren, Vitamine, Mineralstoffe - amitamin® Shop: Premium Qualität erstaunlich günstig. Für Gelenke, bei PMS, Schwangerschaft, Haarausfall, fürs Immunsystem... Hier & in der Apotheke!

  • Kundenlogin amitamin® Shop: Aminosäuren, Vitamine, Mineralstoffe - amitamin®: Nahrungsergänzung in Apothekenqualität: Gelenke, PMS, Fruchtbarkeit, Kinderwunsch, Haarausfall. Hier im Shop!

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • christy chaney - My dogs & i love this.

    FYI I NEVER leave reviews but I will for this one. I have 2 pitties & a short haired chihuahua & we have tried so many brushes over the years to find something to battle shedding. This thing is amazing. My chihuahua is a rescue & skittish but after a few minutes she loved it & would roll over so I could get her better. The pit mix has short but really thick hair & it seemed like I brushed another whole dog out of her fur. It's not for every dog though. I don't use it on my full-blooded pit bull it's seems like it's too rough with his thinner coat & i use a Kong rubber brush on him. He doesn't she'd as much anyway.

  • M. Feldman - this is wonderful

    I saw 2 children playing with this on the Katie show and decided it was something my granddaughters aged 7 and 9 might like. i was right. they loved it

  • Luckyshoes - The only formula that my son will drink

    I buy this in bulk on amazon and every can is top quality. Its expensive but helped with my sons sensitivity to other products. Its really about finding the right formula for your child but this product is top quality. Wish they made bigger cans tho. Will be buying more soon!

  • Jonathan Pierre-Louis - works like a charm and fit just like they said

    works like a charm and fit just like they said...just had to pay Volkswagon to program it because I dont have the necessary equipment to do so myself