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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,Drugs APIs Supplier,Exporter,API Manufacturer - AMBICA CHEMICALS - Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, desloratadine, loratadine, nebivolol HCL, pioglitazone HCL, sitagliptine, etc. based in Ankleshwar, India.

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  • bob sacamano - Quickbooks nightmare

    Quickbooks is so bad I have been moved to write my first Amazon review. First I had installation problems and was on the phone for over 2 hours with various people who couldn't speak English and were very unhelpful, it was terribly maddening. I find the program to be overly complex for my small business and not intuitive to use. I have been warned about getting quickbooks set-up wrong and how problematic that can be. The going rate for one-on-one quickbooks help is $100 per hour. Average set up takes 3-5 hours. Upgrading the payroll for more than three employees is $150. This is getting expensive.

  • Amazon Customer - BUY JOANNE ❤

    One of her best album, after BTW!. This is a piece of art, is a really personal album and I love it.. Now I think I know who is the real Lady Gaga.

  • Barb - EO Diffuser

    I own three other essential oil diffusers. For me, the different colors of lights are a waste since I don't turn them on. I do like being able to have the mist come out continuously or in 30-second bursts (my other diffusers do not have that option), although I think the green light should be for the continuous mist (just my opinion). The unit is not quiet but it's not extremely loud either. The mist shoots straight up which works for some locations but not others, so being able to direct the mist at a different angle would be a plus. The water cup holds much more than the water reservoir on the diffuser holds, so don't just dump the water in willy-nilly or you'll have a mess. All in all, this diffuser works just fine for what it is and is definitely at an affordable price point. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Sarah - Probably fake

    I've been an avid user of this product for well over a year. As soon as I opened this, I could tell something was wrong. It didn't leave my hair feeling silky, didn't smell the same, had a bit of a different color. This product has to be fake.

  • Quincy C. - Good Overall Monitor for Basic Computer Usage

    Keep in mind this is a $100 monitor. If you keep that price point in mind, this is a really good monitor. Don't expect a crystal-clear, high-quality, Apple-like monitor. I think I've been spoiled by the clear, beautiful glass of my iMac and MacBook because this monitor came off as disappointing at first until I reminded myself that it's very affordable.

  • David Griffin - Another Gem

    Believable plot line. Excellent character development. Different players introduced. Enjoyable read. Ready for the next Virgil Fuckln' Flowers true life adventure.