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Klonopin, Ativan & Lorazepam Addiction Withdrawal | Rehabilitation, Drug & Medication Addiction Treatment Center - Alternative To Meds Center - The Alternative to Meds Center is a licensed residential holistic mental health & addiction treatment center handles residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation.

  • Medication Withdrawal & Addiction Treatment Center | Mental Health Programs - Alternative To Meds Center - Get outstanding care at a world-class residential medication withdrawal center. Call 800-301-3753 for a FREE consultation about medication withdrawal & mental health help.
  • Addictive Biochemistry - Alternative To Meds Center - Knowing the biochemical factors responsible for addiction, we assess yours & then correct it through diet, supplementation & by the removal of toxins.
  • Opiate, Antidepressant & Antipsychotic Addiction Symptoms & Side Effects - Alternative To Meds Center - Alternative To Meds Center are capable of remedying such an array of ailments because of the high levels of care, effort & personalization we employ in our treatment programs.
  • Orthomolecular Medicine | Vitamins and Minerals Therapy - Alternative To Meds Center - Orthomolecular medicine, as modeled by double Nobel Prize winning Linus Pauling, aims to recover the optimal environment of the body through correcting deficiencies & imbalances based on the unique biochemistry of each individual.
  • Adjunctive Treatments - Alternative To Meds Center - Adjunctive treatments & complementary therapies include Yoga, Sauna Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Ionic Footbaths, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Neurotoxin Removal.
  • Residential Treatment | Holistic Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment - Alternative To Meds Center - Alternative to Meds Center's residential treatment program is a place of respite & recovery for individuals who are struggling with mental health symptoms, substance abuse problems, or other life challenges.
  • Lab Tests | Toxicity & Nutrient Mineral Testing - Alternative To Meds Center - Lab testing is a vital aspect of Alternative to Meds Center's overall program. Labs allow our medical staff to truly get to the bottom of why mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression or psychosis are occurring.
  • Professional Staff | Health Treatment Center - Alternative To Meds Center - Alternative To Meds Center have licensed doctors, nurses & therapists who are dedicated to helping individuals make lasting changes in their mental & physical health.
  • Photo Gallery | Addiction Treatment Center - Alternative To Meds Center - Take a look at the Alternative To Meds Center or schedule a tour to visit it in person.
  • Admissions | Alternative To Meds Center - The cost of treatment is among the top concerns for individuals and families. We guide you through the process, including insurance and financing options.
  • Insurance Verification | Alternative To Meds Center - This insurance questionaire helps us provide you with an accurate assessment. All information is securely transmitted.
  • Blog - Alternative To Meds Center - There are stories & articles written by staff & professionals in the treatment arena dealing with the same challenges the Alternative To Meds Center staff face on a daily basis & who provide additional insights & perspectives.
  • Success Stories Page | Alternative To Meds Center - Success Stories only touch the tip of the iceberg of the transformations that take place at the Center. There are few treatment centers in the world that match the level of care & attention to residents.

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    I've been buying the Grammy Nominees CD every year since 1998. It has become pure habit at this point. This year's selection of songs is good but not great.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    this fit just like tech floor mats are a must have to protect your investment...very easy too clean

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    I own the Legacy over-ear (ANC) Headphones with 3-Stage Technology purchased directly from A-Audio in Sept. 2014. It's easy for me to say these are the best headphones I've ever owned or tried. I am a software engineer and often use these headphones for 4+ hours daily. I've owned many pairs of Bose headphones that are supposed to be amazing, but they simply do not last. These A-Audio headphones are extremely durable and well made. Even the padding has not worn in the slightest on the earpieces or headband. I took a risk buying these when they were relatively new and not even available on Amazon, but I haven't second guessed the decision yet. The active noise cancelling + bass mode is my favorite setting, perfect for bumping music that is completely immersive. The noise cancelling is surprisingly effective, especially combined with the high quality padding on the earpieces. I've literally had people hitting my desk trying to get my attention and I still could not hear them with my computer volume on 2. The design is perfect for portability and durability. The earpieces fold sideways, and inward too so they can be carried in a flat case (included) only a couple inches wide. The included case is well-made and designed to look good. The wire is not fixed to the headphone so if you get caught on something, the wire simply comes out of the headphone without ripping them off of your head. You can also daisy-chain another set of headphones to the unused headphone audio port which I thought was a cool idea in the event you want to share a movie with someone on your laptop on a plane or something. Two wires are also included, one that has volume/phone controls and a regular cable. Overall, these headphones are of extremely high quality. Oh, and yes I'm wearing them now, despite having 3 sound systems in the house.


    Buyers beware, I bought this present for my mom on mothers day. The product was nicely package and seems like everything was in mint condition. After assembling the device, I tried it for myself to make sure it was not going to be too much stress on her back. It worked for two minutes before it decided not to turn on again. I tried everything and finally I called the manufacture, they told me they couldn't help me because I purchased this of a third party vendor?! As far as the effectiveness of this product, I can not say because it was broke after TWO MINUTES! If you have back pain don't bother with this product, cause you'll probably just end up injuring your self trying to get it to work. Hope this helps, good luck.

  • Dward - Work Purchase

    This is an item i purchased for work. I have not use them, but htey are being used widely here at work so i am guessing they are great . I have had no complanits at all.

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