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All I Can Be - Non-Surgical Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation in Melbourne. - All I Can Be is The New Boutique Cosmetic and Skin Cancer Clinic in Prahran and Toorak, Melbourne, Australia.

  • About David Izon | All I Can Be - Dr Izon is an experienced general practitioner who has evolved into an experienced skin cancer surgeon and cosmetic physician.
  • Beauty & Aesthetics | All I Can Be - At "All I Can Be", we understand that beauty and aesthetics is a combination of art and science and a recognition of how people!s faces change with age and
  • Melbourne Anti Wrinkle Treatment | All I Can Be - At “All I Can Be”, Dr Izon has trained to be expert in the treatment of hyperhydrosis. At “All I Can Be“, your treatment and well being are in excellent hands
  • Melbourne Fillers & Injectables | All I Can Be - When we are in our 20's we look young but when we reach our 40's we tend to look significantly older, unless we were lucky enough to be born with great genetics
  • Skin Cancer Surveillance | All I Can Be - At “All I Can Be”, I offer total body skin examination, in a completely private dermatoscopy suite. Many years of skin cancer surveillance experience means that
  • Skin Cancer Surgery | All I Can Be - Skin cancer surgery is now done at our "State of the Art" surgical Unit at Ripponlea Medical CentreAll surgery is completed under local anaesthetic, so there is no risk from general anaesthesiaSurgery is typically 40 minutes for simple procedures a ...
  • Melbourne Skin Treatment Results | All I Can Be - Treatment - 2ml juvederm voluma XC, 0.8ml juvederm ultra XC and botox upper face. Treatment - 2ml juvederm voluma XC, 0.8ml juvederm ultra XC and botox upper
  • News | All I Can Be - Hi everyoneWelcome to the inaugural news bulletin from All I Can BeThis exciting new project is now up and running, and I am thrilled to be taking cosmetic work to a whole new levelIn the coming months, I will be discussing ant-wrinkl ...
  • Where are you Dave??????? | All I Can Be - This is to let you know that I am now working at Southbank Family Meidcal Clinic for the foreseeable futureI am hoping your patience will last so that you will continue where we left off in your care and the care of your loved onesLooking forward to seeing you soon.   Dave  
  • “Just a GP”……………Think again!!!!!!!! | All I Can Be - A really great article written by another GP......what makes a great GP. Hope I mirror some of his ideals......Dave“Are you going to be a specialist? Or just a GP?”As a medical student and junior doctor in my hospital training years, I was often as ...

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  • Mike Ford - Well made product

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  • Shareese - Miracle in a Bottle

    All I can say is WOW. I am so thankful I found this product.I bleached my hair, and then about 4 weeks later got a relaxer. My hair was in extremely bad shape. I had SEVERE breakage. I mean I would run my fingers through my hair and so much hair would come out. When I brushed my hair, it was even worse. My hair was coming out very fast, and it was a large amount. I didn't know what to do. I was terrified of getting my hair wet, for fear that it would my the breakage even worse. I was down to my last straw and googled what I could do to make my hair even remotely better. Aphogee 2 step was the first thing that popped up. So yea, I did the protein treatment 2 weeks after my relaxer and my hair loved it. I could immediately tell a difference. I can now run my fingers through my hair, and not one single strand comes out. It feels healthier and stronger. I will definitely be using this product again in the future, so I am going to go ahead and purchase the $20.00 bottle. This stuff is a miracle, if your hair is in really bad shape. I recommend this product to anyone who is desperate and in need of quick repair. The only con is that its really messy, and it stinks. But i could care less when it does wonders for my hair. Be sure to purchase the Aphogee shampoo and Balancing Moisturizer when buying this protein treatment.