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World leader in gases for industry, health and the environment > Air Liquide Australia - World leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in80 countries with close to 50,000 employees and serves more than 2 million customers andpatients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen have been at the core of the company’s activities since itscreation in 1902. Air Liquide’s ambition is to be the leader in its industry, delivering long-termperformance and acting responsibly.

  • Contact Us > Air Liquide Australia - Industrial Gases   Healthcare Western Australia   Western Australia Victoria   New South Wales New South Wales   Australian Capital Territory Queensland   Northern Territory South Australia   Queensland Tasmania   South Australia     Tasmania  New Zealand   Victoria     New Zealand (Penrose)
  • Overview of Air Liquide Australia Ltd > Air Liquide Australia - Air Liquide was established in Australia in 1957. It is represented in all states and also New Zealand.
  • Mission Statement > Air Liquide Australia - In 1902, Air Liquide founder Georges Claude developed the first commercially viable process for the liquefaction of gases found in air. This landmark innovation has served as our guiding inspiration to continuously improve and build the best knowledge base in the industrial gas industry.
  • Craftsmen and Network > Air Liquide Australia - With its regional service centres and thousands of distributors, Air Liquide has been close to and attentive to tradespeople for many years. We offer a comprehensive range of welding equipment and gases all over the world.
  • Engineering > Air Liquide Australia - With its own engineering and construction division, Air Liquide fully controls the design, construction and installation of its plants.
  • Understanding your Invoice > Air Liquide Australia - A new invoice to make things simple.Below are illustrations of sample invoices to help you understand the information you will find on your invoices.  Gas Invoices   Agency Invoices   Cylinder Stock Summary (Check back later) Rental Agreements (Check back later) --> -->
  • Production and Distribution > Air Liquide Australia - Air Liquide filed the original patents which led to the separation of air gases, oxygen, nitrogen and argon in particular.
  • Specialty Gases > Air Liquide Australia - As the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases you will find Air Liquide on every continent in the world.
  • ARCAL with ALTOP > Air Liquide Australia - The ARCAL gas package integrates four key components, which provide unmatched benefits for safe, easy-to-use, cost effective, high quality welding.
  • Safety > Air Liquide Australia - One of Air Liquide's main objectives is the safety of its employees and of its customers.

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  • M. Mahoney - Great Product For Lower Leg Injuries

    I fully echo N. Chan's July 10, 2010 review. Her points are well organized and articulately presented. When I was looking for reviews before purchasing an iWALKFree, I found hers to be the best review out there (Thank you N. Chan!). Based on my 3 weeks with the iWALKFree, I will only add a few points to her comprehensive write-up.

  • Jane D - Fits Women too

    Same shoe as WR-42 (women's shoe), except it has about 1/4 inch more toe room. The width seems about the same, though. The back of the shoe is about 1/4 taller than the women's model.

  • Becca - Couldn't be any happier!!

    The cross bars arrived super fast and fit my 2014 Grand Cherokee Laredo perfectly!!! They look nice and don't make very much noise either. I bought a Thule kayak carrier for these bars and that fits the bars perfectly as well. The instructions are absolute crap but you'll figure it out by reading other comments and by trial and error.

  • Stauffer - Much better alternative to a traditional mop for cleaning spills and ...

    Use this with the wet pads to do some spot cleaning on our floors at work. Much better alternative to a traditional mop for cleaning spills and small messes. The sweeper is just plastic screwed together, so it is a bit flimsy; I don't use it for hardcore cleaning, so I don't mind. I imagine it would be difficult to clean large areas on a regular basis and also costly. I would stick with a traditional mop if you need to deep clean large square footage.

  • Tomek - Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store

    Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store. I had to file a screw sticking out from the blade, no quality control. They cut pretty well though.

  • MadieM - She's had s great time putting this puzzle together

    Bought this for my 4 year old for Christmas. She's obsessed with Paw Patrol. She's had s great time putting this puzzle together.

  • James O. Thach - The Brown Wedding

    It's been a rough couple of years for my family. There have been a few land disputes, some nasty feuds, several imprisonments and a beheading. But perhaps our most celebrated misfortune was what has come to be known as The Brown Wedding.