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Welcome to the AIM Gateway - Welcome to the AIM Gateway – Alcohol in Moderation was founded in 1991 as an independent not for profit organisation whose role is to promote the moderate and appropriate use of alcohol, a better understanding of drinking in society and to reduce excessive or irresponsible consumption.

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  • Aria - Buy it!

    I bought this on the recommendation of Jan M. Dougherty's book, The Lost Art of House Cleaning. I'm glad I did, because it is everything she said it was. I tested it on the cruddy wall behind my friend's stove. This woman has lived in that apartment for 22 years, smoked in it, cooked on that stove - and never, ever cleaned the wall between the top of the stove and the cabinets above. I'll leave it to your imagination what that was like! But I had to cook there for a short while and had to clean it up. I used all-purpose spray cleaner. Nothing. That crud didn't budge. I used a green scrubbie and Comet. Some of it came up but those little dots of brown from grease and cigarette smoke that hardened on the spot wouldn't budge. So the next time I was there, I brought Krud Kutter, sprayed it on full-strength, waited about 40 seconds and rubbed with one of those green scrubbie cloths and guess what?! It all came clean. And I didn't really have to scrub.

  • Sally A. Weimer - Fun!

    I really enjoyed playing this game. It is not as difficult as I expected. Hoping that a second version will be coming out soon!

  • Jaunts - Omitted Dusseldorf, Which Is a Large Business Area

    The reason why I bought this book was because I am attending a trade show in Dusseldorf and wanted some ideas about things to do in the area. Dusseldorf is not even listed in the index. Messe Dusseldorf is one of the largest convention/trade show areas in the world. However, there is absolutely nothing about Dusseldorf in this book. I can't be the only person going on a business trip to Dusseldorf that wants information about what to do in that area. There are a few pages about Cologne. But I would not have bought the book if I had known that there is absolutely nothing about Dusseldorf in it.

  • camy dean - THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE....

    ^^Now that i have that song stuck in your head...This thing is bright! i underestimated on how bright and effective it is. I ordered these to go on my fence post in the back yard in those "dark corners" These are awesome! They are not only bright but take no electricity! they are smaller than expected but pack a punch! They fit perfectly on a fence post. These LED lights are packaged well come with a "key" to turn them on and off. but you wouldn't use the key after you "Activate it" the light comes on automatically using a photosensor in the solar panel. the "green" part is aluminum construstion and the bottom is a abs plastic material. they come on dim at first then when they detect motion its the power of the sun coming out! If you need some light and don't have power available this is you answer! i received this product at a discounted price for my unbiased review. but i will be ordering more to put on every other fence post!

  • Amazon Customer - AWESOME PRODUCT! the only thing that has significantly cleared ...

    AWESOME PRODUCT! the only thing that has significantly cleared up my acne. I wash my face religiously but nothing seemed to work. Make sure to follow the directions and do not skip washing your face. My face only got dry a few times but I used extra lotion for those few times. Do not waste your money on anything else, this stuff works if you use it right!!

  • Keith F Wright III - Very thorough and easy to follow book

    Very thorough and easy to follow book. For everyone complaining that the Kindle version does not include the CD or PDF copy, all you have to do is contact the publisher's customer support. They were able to send me everything in 30 seconds through an online chat session.