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age well - anti-aging, longevity & senior health information on how to stay well - age well - information on anti-ageing scientific developments, longevity, senior health, how to age better, look well, feel well, prevent age-related diseases and stay well as you age

  • Anti-aging discoveries - Anti-aging discoveries - longevity, and anti-ageing research, new breakthroughs in the field of anti-aging research
  • Age-well Blog - The Age-well Blog contains additions and updates to the web site, keeping you up-to-date with our most recent information on aging healthily. Subscribe here.
  • age-well forums - share your views on anti-aging, weight loss, beauty secrets - age-well forums - share your views on a variety of anit-aging subjects including weight loss, losing belly fat, share beauty secrets and healthy recipes!
  • Healthy Recipes from the Age-well Community - Do you want some great new healthy recipes or like to share recipes with other readers - see here for healthy Recipes contributed by readers
  • The Aging Process Explained - The aging process is natural and can be slowed down if you know how - this site will give you the key to longevity
  • Weight Loss Tips - Weight loss tips - lose weight gradually by learning how to eat healthily, exercising regularly, and leading a balanced life in order to avoid obesity and age well.
  • Look Well - Look Younger - Longevity Strategies for the External Body - Look well, Look Younger - Longevity and anti-aging strategies for the External BOdy
  • Healthy Meals to Age Well - Do you want to know how to eat healthy meals to age well - all about healthy eating, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, fiber, calories - everything you ever wanted to know about healthy eating
  • Signs of Stress and how to deal with them - Signs of stress and ways to combat them with the opportunity to publish you own page on dealing with stress
  • Develop Smart Habits to Age Well and Live Longer - seven smart habits which can kick-start your anti-aging plan and lead to good health.
  • Useful Overview vitamins - A to Z - Overview Vitamins from A to Z, with links to more in-depth information on specific vitamins
  • The spinal column and back problems - The spinal column and back problems, including upper back pain, lower back pain and cervical pain or neck pain
  • Look Well Index - this page links to various sources on how to look well as you age, learn how to look younger for longer and feeel on top of the world. Looking beautiful is good for the morale - take care of yourself
  • Eye Care as we Age - You only have one pair of eyes - learn how to keep your eyes in good health for the rest of your life, with links to age-related eye disease and how to recognize, treat and prevent it.
  • osteoporosis prevention - This page on osteoporosis prevention is part of a whole section on devoted to osteoporosis, signs and symptom, prevention as well tips on how to live with the disease
  • Retirement Planning, financial crisis, taxes, savings, pensions, insurance - Retirement Planning, how to survive the financial crisis when planning your retirement
  • snoring remedies - snoring remedies information on what causes snorning, how to stop snoring and find snoring solutions

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  • sparkleshine86 - This tea is surprisingly taste good..

    This tea is surprisingly taste good...I only tried it once and I'm not sure if it works or not but so far, I don't do any craving, hunger feeling after 2 hours drinking this tea. Even though all I eat since morning is only a piece of banana cake and 1 strawberry. O,k maybe the banana cake is not the healthiest. But there is banana as an ingredient-that must include in healthy category lol.

  • Amazon Customer - I love this face wash

    I love this face wash. It does a great job. Face feels hydrated after cleansing. It doesn't dry out skin. Great ingredients. Just as good as or even better than high end cleansers. I think this is the best I've ever used. This face wash is so wonderful. It makes my skin feel fresh and oil free without stripping my skin. It smells pleasant as well.

  • Animal Lover - Best Anti-virus for you & your computer

    I love this anti-virus because it does a lot to protect my computer & what I do but it is also fun. I have my language set to to "Pirate Talk" which gives it a whole new level of fun. The "Safe Zone" is also awesome.

  • John B - handy small tool

    great small knife/screwdriver combo, very handy and very low-profile. clip is a little tight to wear on good pants - expect it to fray them after a while. note also that the knife is easy to get out one-handed because of the button on the top of the handle and the button on the blade but it is NOT spring assisted, which is important to know if your jurisdiction bans assisted knives (as does mine)

  • Sarah Weizenegger - Warm no more

    I gave this to my husband and he really likes it! He likes that it is a screw on top which makes it easier and less chance of spilling his beer trying to get it into the coozie. It also kept his beer nice and cold which is great cause he didn't feel rushed trying to drink his beer before it got warm. I really like the fact that the coozie doesn't "sweat" either, which saves my end tables and coffee table when he forgets to put it on a coaster. The New 2016 Can Cooler fits both cans of beer and bottles of beer as well. Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.