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  • Mitch10 - best Timbuk2 yet

    Pockets, pockets pockets! I had the previous version of the Commander from Timbuk2 and loved it for the way I could organize my stuff that I take to and from the office. This one is even better. Besides lots of great pockets (sorry to repeat) that can be used for pens, computer cards, meds, money, electronics etc. the computer section is much easier to access and the buckles on the compression straps are way nicer than the Velcro on it's predecessor. There's even the addition of the water bottle holder. Despite all the endless stuff I can stuff into it, it's still comfortable and convenient to take everywhere.

  • Sean - If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can.

    If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can. On a 60" Sharp Aquos, there was a slight difference in picture. The real difference was with the audio. I had an old Bluray player for a long, long time. So long that it used to be hooked up to a tube TV. Back then they didn't include HDMI cables with a new purchase. Sound was always a bit muted, no matter how I adjusted it. Especially dialogue. On many movies, the sound effects would cover up what was being said. Not a problem now. I did this a while back with my PS3 and the difference was amazing. That time I bought the Sony cables. These Amazon cables are half the price but work just the same.

  • honeybobobear - MAN O MAN LET ME TELL YOU HWHAT

    Well I hope amazon doesnt flag this because it will be the best review yet. So I bought this solely to get rid of my hair downstairs... Im a male and I cannot stand the thought of shaving with a razor or electric shaver down there. It is way to scary and im kind of squeamish and clumsy so one nick and I could be sterile or worse... Anyways i used it from the neck down to the gooch and waited about 10 minutes... Started rubbing off and boy it smells like burnt plastic and hair. So i figured it was working and sure enough hairballs start hitting me in the face. You have to watch out because I had a few problem areas that i reapplied and that was a terrible mistake. Im guessing sinse the area was already sensitive that the formula, which is very volatile already, burned like wild fire. I waited only a bit the second time because i felt I could possibly internally combust at any second. Hopped in the shower with cold water and still had a razor burn feeling for the rest of the night. Lotioned up to try and soothe the skin with little help. Im still dealing with what seems to be razor bumps but they are going away after a week. It only burned that one day and i think with the way i used it, i shot myself in the foot. Try to be as gentle as possible when rubbing it off and id wait 12-15 minutes to make sure the hair comes off easily... Lots of warnings if you have sensitive skin and it says not to use it like i did but hey I GOT BABY SMOOTH SKIN DOWN THERE AND ALL THE WOMEN IN MY DREAMS LOVE IT... I Give it 5 stars because man I would do it a hundred times over instead of putting one of those pecker scrapers down there.

  • Melinda Nichols - We love Cozmo!

    Cozmo is a must have for all ages! Even as an adult he is so easy to bond with, it is hard to walk away from such cuteness. So much more than what I expected, even my teenager prefers to play games with Cozmo than on her phone (amazing). Watching him "learn" his surroundings is impressive, we even watched him roll toward a ledge and stop himself. We let Cozmo pick the games and he really comes to life by teasing us with "Keep Away." Well done Anki!