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  • Paul V. Schultz Jr. - who wrote the assembly directions?

    terrible directions. It took 3 - 4 attempts to figure out the operations of the arm. I would have paid more for a better product

  • Wynette - Improved focus, better rest! Phantastic!!!

    I have used this product for about 8 weeks now. My wife and I are owners of a gym and I have tried many supplements through the years. I am also a physician, and I research any product I consume or recommend. I've been very impressed with all 1st Phorm products, and I use their line of supplements exclusively now. Their products are high quality and effective.

  • Amazon Customer - SCAM ARTISTS!!!

    Freedompop is a scam artist- beware!!!! They actually REFUSE to turn off your service and delete your account no matter how many times you tell them to!!!! I reccomend Clear instead as its like $50 a month for unlimited (for real unlimited, not freedom poops fake) and their internet devices are cheaper too!!

  • Forest K. Duncan - Works well enough, but is difficult to use

    This tester does seem to work, and would be easy to use if only the manufacturer would include a more legible label. The tester has 3 lights that are energized in 6 different possible combinations. There is a label on the device that illustrates the meanings of the 6 different light combinations, but the color-coding on the label is difficult to see.

  • C. W. Smith - A Step Back from Volume One, but Still Not Bad (mostly)

    I get why this one has gotten poor rating in comparison to the first. As others have voiced, this volume opens on a very "wrong" rendition of Zim.

  • TeeJayBee - not designed correctly

    This organizer does not allow you to lower or bring the seat forward. Also forget trying to place drinks into the cup holder and stroll at the same time. Your drink will be all over the stroller. I purchased the skip hop organizer and it's 4 stars better.

  • sumayya abdulla - Increase white heads beside nose

    This product is bad .. After second time using this product i observed small white heads coming beside my nose.. i try to remove it but still coming .. please be careful.