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  • RonE - For my kitchen, this is MUCH more than 'good enough'!

    I'm going to post nothing but good things here, so if you're looking for criticism, look elsewhere. I am writing this review having 'lived with' the products for more than a year, so this isn't a quick look at anything.

  • Stay-at-Home Mom - Wives - You want that giddy feeling you used to have for your hubby? Buy this book for your husbands!

    Coming from a woman's perspective, this book hit RIGHT ON with the problems I was having being attracted to my husband. It actually tells men how to make their wives want them. It's written by a man, for men, and I appreciated that because the author gave examples with his own relationship with his wife on his daily interactions that work to help her lust after him. It made it much more concrete and real-life to us as the readers.

  • enix - beautiful illustrations

    HUGE Harry Potter fans here. This book is GORGEOUS. The drawings bring so much to the book and makes it magic all over again. A definite buy for any HP fan!

  • Andrew - Axgio bluetooth earbud doesn't work

    My Axgio bluetooth earbud came in the mail today and it won't turn on. It has been plugged in for hours but still will only show a red light (according to the instructions it indicates that it doesn't have power.) When I unplug it and hold the power button down it won't do anything. I can't even get it to power up to try syncing it with my phone. This is the third separate review today with this same issue. The earbud doesn't work, I'm definitely sending it back.