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Abacus | LCH Website - Abacus aims to provide you with advice, counselling and information on all aspects of your sexual health. The service will provide you with all methods of reversible contraception, some screening for sexually transmitted infections and advice about unplanned pregnancy.

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  • Cassie - Awapuhi Shampoo

    I love Paul Michell products, especially this shampoo, you provided me with a great service was very happy with the purchase Thank you I rate you a 5

  • lam81208 - Not all disappointed! I'm not sure what type of skin all the other reviewers had, but it must be oily! I have normal to dry skin and this did NOTHING in the department of moisturizing. My face was still tight and itchy after applying. The lotion itself has a nice creamy consistency but definitely not enough moisture for my face. And the's oranges. Your face smells like oranges. I was so excited to try an organic product and the reviews were so good I thought for sure I had a winner. Oh well. On to something else. :(

  • Trish - Bible: New American Bible, Revised Edition 2011

    I already owned the printed copy of this Bible, so was familiar with it and love it for all the information it contains in intros to books and footnotes. When I ordered the Kindle version, I was hoping for a quick way to get to Biblical references, other books of the Bible, and notes. It's not nearly as quick as I was hoping, though it is much better than the other Kindle Bible I have (which doesn't have footnotes anyway). Perhaps I was expecting too much. Perhaps the following idea is not even possible, but I will pose the suggestion anyway: 2 tabs on the right side of the page, one OT, the other NT. When you choose either one, all the tabs for those books within each appear, and one simply chooses the desired book; at that point, all the chapter tabs appear, and then verse tabs. At least the OT and NT tabs should always be visible. BACK takes you back to where you started. As it is now, to get to another book of your own choice, you must remember the abbreviation for each book and type it at the bottom. (For references and notes, the Kindle version works well enough.) I do not have a touch screen Kindle (yet) but assume that would be even faster with this method. The way it is now, I can navigate the printed version much faster than the Kindle version, and believe me, I don't know the Bible chapter and verse (wish I did).

  • Michele Stevic - Was a major disappointment since there was so many great reviews and it ...

    It doesn't seem to work for me at all. I was hoping it would give me energy and help me not be hungry but it doesn't do either.

  • Gina - My new favorite toner

    Love this toner. It cleanses and soothes the skin. And the scent is magnificent. Unlike traditional witch hazel I love using Quinn's it's almost like a little aromatherapy treatment. My skin is left soft hydrated and the rose scent is not over powering and it dissipates so no fear of smelling like a bouquet of roses. Which I don't see as a bad thing. Plus the bottle is cute that I don't mind leaving it on my vanity.

  • Tracy - AAAAA++++

    I love it just like it was described in the description I'm very happy with my purchase games look awesome on this