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  • Blake - Should have bought this before any other case I tried, haha. It's awesome!

    The textured surface feels good. I really prefer this to a soft silicone or hard plastic. I have the black case and it shows no fingerprints. The case is well molded to the 12' iPad Pro. I have a screen protector on the case and there's absolutely no interference. It has all the normal/standard viewing angles that the much more expensive Smart Cover has. The pencil holder is also quite snug and it's very convenient in daily use. I carry this around as my mobile blogging device as well as a mobile sketchbook, after trying a few combinations of cheap sub $20 cases and much more expensive $100+ cases I feel like this is the one I should have 'picked up in the first place.

  • Krista Wright - works well for my hobby

    I bought this on recommendation for toy customizations and it works really well with plastic and vinal, especially notable with more flexible, rubber like plastics as it will bend and stretch with the material. It also sets nice and fast, and I will very likely buy this brand in the future.

  • Linda R - Good Product....

    Bought this to get grease film off appliances. We had tried Oxyclean spray cleaner and were hoping this would be better. It is a good product but we feel that the Oxyclean Cleaner actually did a better job.

  • Kathleen S. - Not as good as the original type

    I have been using the ORIGINAL Salonpas patches for years, wouldn't buy anything else. The new patches, on individual papers, no ribs on the material are not up to the standard of the originals. They do not last as long, they do not provide as much relief and the worst part is they do not stay attached to the skin as the old type did. The minute you sweat, or even get warm from outdoor temperature, they come off. All you need do is touch them when your warm and they buckle and are no longer stay on. I am hoping I am able to find the old type on line or in a store, but if not, will have to find a new brand. This was the best and quickest relief I could find and bought plenty in the years I've used them. You should go back to the original type or at least let the consumer choose the type they prefer.

  • Tamara Rose - I have ordered it 3 times so far and am very happy with it

    I am over the 50 mark and find it difficult to find foundation that doesn't find it's way into wrinkles. This product feels silky and doesn't sit in my wrinkles. I have ordered it 3 times so far and am very happy with it.

  • L. Wallach - The best virus checker out there

    I've used various antivirus applications over the years and this is the first time I've used Kaspersky, and it's primarily due to reading an article that ranked a bunch of other products in terms of effectively catching viruses. Kaspersky was at the top, having found 100%. Other products (Norton and Mcaffee) were not that far behind, but since I've used both and found them to be too intrusive, slowing down my machine sigificantly in the past, I decided why not give Kaspersky a try, since it looks to be the best performer anyway. So far so good, it's caught some things on my wife's computer, but none on mine. The 3-user pack allowed us to install it on both of ours as well as our daughters. For many years I used the free virus checkers, but in the end I feel like really in order to make sure a company stays on top of their game and has the resources to continue to find the various vulnerabilities out there, you have to make sure those companies are supported financially. You can get multi-year licenses with Kaspersky as well, which I may end up doing next year when I renew. For now, I feel much more confident that we have the best protection out there.

  • jimczer - Penetrex is Amazing!

    I don't write many reviews but I felt compelled to write this one. I've seen lots of products out there that claim to do things but one you try it, it does nothging but not in this case. I have been suffering from severe Tendonitis in my elbow whiich has been causing me major discomfort and impact my life. I've been to a doctor and he gave me suggestions on what I can do and told me it could take a year to go away and thats if I'm careful with it. I could get a cortizone shot but I have never had luck with that and my surgeon told me it weakens and damages the tissue and he doesn't recommend I do it. I have tried topical and medication like Ibuprofin and tylenal but nothing has relieved the pain and burning from my Tendonitis in my elbow. I have trouble even sleeping from the pain.