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  • Courtney Morris - Really works but at a cost

    These capsules work--after a few days I had dropped pounds. However, like many others have said, it's to the expense of your health. I feel jittery all day after taking them and they definitely aren't easy on the stomach. I found as long as I took all four pills before 3:00, I had no problem falling asleep. I can't keep my hands from shaking after taking them either, which is a little frightening. However, like I said, they do what they're supposed to do, which is encourage rapid weight loss, so I guess you have to decide if it's worth all the jitters to you.


    I have used this product line for many years (10+). I have tried many other brands but this one with its simplicity and high level of pure retinol does what it is supposed to do- remove fine lines and wrinkles. The price point is great compared to those other brands. I also have very dark under-eye circles on some days, and the eye gel improves the dark rings on contact which is amazing. The slight scent of this face cream is light and beautiful. Most importantly I see great results after using it for only a few days (I am 43 years old.) Bought the eye gel and this face cream for my mom who was complaining about her complexion. She was happy with the results as well. Her skin looks smooth and fresh and the under eye lines are dramatically improved.

  • Growler - Effective

    Effective. Had a major cat and dog urine problem in my recently purchase house. I had to apply it several times in the basement (carpet over concrete), but the odor is gone and hasn't reappeared yet. The seller told me I erred in wet Vacuuming the floor, as it spread the urine around. Important to cover it after application so that it doesn't evaporate before the enzymes eat the urine. I found that in my appliaction, a heavy dosing was necessary to get through both the carpet and into the porous concrete below. Recommended.

  • Rosh - I wouldn't fire up my computer without this antivirus

    I teach for a major University with more than 40,000 students at our schools. I get free IT of the highest caliper. We all get free antivirus. My IT team suggested I plunk down the small cost for Norton and forgo the free system offered by the school. That was 3 years ago, and each year I renew my subscription to Norton. Seriously, if you have a PC, THIS is real protection, real support and peace of mind.

  • Grant Hallman - This is very well done - technically excellent writing, good concept & plot

    This is very well done - technically excellent writing, good concept & plot, decently done characters. Minor quibbles - left me hanging at the end, and the idea that spacefaring technology can't handle vermin on its own seems a bit of a stretch. But a very worthwhile read i can recommend to any scifi fan. Just have to wait for the sequel, sigh...