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Home | Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana - El Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana (GPC) es un consorcio de organizaciones no gubernamentales que tiene como interés común apoyar la consolidación del sistema democrático en el Perú, contribuyendo en especial a la elaboración de propuestas de políticas para una reforma del Estado inclusiva y una adecuada gestión de los recursos públicos.En nuestra propuesta un eje fundamental es la descentralización, entendida como un camino para abrir espacios y condiciones para la participación de la sociedad civil en la gestión pública, así como para la construcción de proyectos de desarrollo territorial sostenibles y equitativos.Las instituciones que forman parte del Consorcio son: Alternativa, ARARIWA, CEDEP, CEDEPAS, CEDER, CBC, CEPES, CIPCA, DESCO, IEP e IDS las cuales promueven procesos de democratización y desarrollo en los departamentos de Cusco, Ica, Ancash, La Libertad, Cajamarca, Lima, Piura, Arequipa, Huancavelica y Junín

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  • David C. Meigs - The software loaded just fine on two computers

    The software loaded just fine on two computers. On the third, it failed in an attempt to uninstall the resident virus scanner, then proceeded to try to install. I could not clean up the previous virus scanner or remove Kaspersky and had to finally reinstall my operating system. Now that I have a clean system, it refuses to install at all because it says I've used up the license. Their online support is not useful for this problem. They've already wasted too much of my time. I'll buy a different virus scanner for my third computer. And when Kaspersky's year is up, it will be removed from my other computers.

  • Rick neiger - Broken dream

    I've had my pic2 for less then 90 days and it's already broke. The customer service line said it would be 2 or 3 business days tell the right department will call me back. The product does not live their claims about cook time, specially on boiling water.

  • graphik_persona - Garbage-

    Complete garbage. Install: Okay. Run: Not-at-all. Since I installed it (a month agao), the damn thing every time says: Bitdefender Services are not responding. Contacted Bitdefender-- no response. Don't even bother.

  • chapita - Great

    It really helps with taking my nursing test. I needed it for I class I was taking and it is a good book to help you on taking nclex question exams.

  • wmstram - Unusable overly bright display options (lack there of)

    Just upgraded from 2010 Pro to 2013 pro. Bad move. Save, time, money, and your eyes and don't go to 2013. I agree with all of the other one star reviews here (and elsewhere).