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Environment and Climate Change Canada - Weather and Meteorology - Canada’s Wind Chill Index - Knowing the wind chill is in fact an essential part of Canada’s weather forecasts, as it provides everyone with the knowledge they need in order to stay safe in our worst weather.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -75.6904 Ontario, Canada

  • Bruce MacDermott - Needs Work

    I upgraded because my Quicken Home and Business 2010 was loosing functionality as of next April. Too bad they released this version with some annoying bugs. I spent over an hour with one of their CSR's, trying to get them to tell me how to eliminate the Downloaded Transaction window that pops up at the bottom of the register, even when there are no transactions, before he admitted that it was a known issue. Talk about bone head service! He could have told me in the first place before having me do all sorts of backups and rebuilds, that accomplished nothing. They have yet to come up with a fix. Stick with 2013 until they get this ironed out.

  • clayton yuen - This is the most amazing earbud for the price

    This is the most amazing earbud for the price. It is easy to Pair, and can receive cell phone calls clearly & easily. I primarily use it to listen to audiobooks w Overdrive, and it works perfectly. Easy to pause (when people talk to you) and continue the story. Awesome product, I've purchased 4 for me and gifts.

  • Liz LeBrun - Husband Loves It !

    He wanted something to clean the windshield and windows in his car (both inside and out). We live in an area where we are likely to have snow and ice up to 9 months out of the year. Along with that comes what we call 'chat rock', which is like very large sand grains that is put on the road to break up the ice. Anyway, the conditions really do a number on the windshield, leaving a tiny crystal-like grit. Nothing he had tried came close to removing this grit, until I bought him Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner. My husband said, 'it did a really good job' in not only removing the grit, but the windshield looks almost brand new.

  • R. Formica - kids love it

    We bought this for our son's second birthday. He is now almost 3 and he loves his bike. He has mastered the balance and loves to ride it everywhere. We will be buying a second bike for our 18month old. Due to the stem raising so high- our soon to be 3 year old has not yet outgrown the bike and will keep using it for another year or so. I learned that if you buy the MORPH - also sold by Kinderbike, then you can add the pedals after they figure out the balance bit. Very clever.

  • Kyle Brooks - This is my back packer! I Take this everywhere

    This is the true blue juice! yea it comes off as confusing in the initial spray but after 10 mins and it settles down the scent is ahead turner love it one of a kind nothing else smells Like it

  • brinaathena - Excellent

    I loved it. Everything was easy to understand and anyone can do just about anything he suggests. Excellent. Straight to the point.

  • Amazon Customer - What is working looks very good wish the red light work also

    Just received the product today. Only the blue and green lights are working and red light is not working.