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  • 1212Mike - It works very well.

    This product really works! After every time I use it (which is everyday) I feel like have done 100's of sit-ups and crunches. My Abdominal muscle feel incredibly strong and very tight. I can't wait to see how I look and feel after long term use. I recommend that you clean your skin before use (Rubbing Alcohol works well) and apply a salt-free and chloride-free electrically conductive gel to the pads then put belt on as tight as possible for best contact. I would never expect this device to help me lose body fat only a proper diet can do that, but as a muscle strengthening device it's amazing.

  • Bonita J. Montgomery - Disappointing

    From what Dr. Wallach said on various talk shows that I've seen him on, I really expected way more from this book. He gave the impression that he would not only tell us what we need to take for a given ailment, but also the dosage that we would need to take to accomplish this. This book didn't give that information, and I didn't find anything much more in the way of information than what I had heard him say on these programs. I didn't want to know more about what could be done alone, but how to do it....without that information the book isn't worth much. I also got the same impression that I got from hearing him speak concerning the book being mostly an advertisement for his products, which folks like me just can't afford. It isn't totally worthless, but not what I was expecting at all.

  • David Oliver - Go anywhere Antenna

    This Antenna is great. You can go through a car wash with out removing it, go through the trail with being afraid of ripping of the Jeep. Be sure to use Lock Tight when installing it so no one walking by unscrews it.

  • Lincoln Rose - Luvvnation rules!!

    I've been waiting for this book to drop..and I love it! It's a good field guide to life. Plus, it's not just a rehash of blog posts.

  • Robert C. Baylis - Just as expected. The back is a little loose/wobbly ...

    Just as expected. The back is a little loose/wobbly, but it does the job of keeping the dirt off the carpet.

  • d barns - This product is very good on dry hair

    This product is very good on dry hair. It restores dry and unmanageable hair, makes it silky and nice warm shine. You need only a little bit.

  • Mihalis in Kansas - This system does work, but be aware of these important faults...and be warned about ordering accessories!

    I've had this system for over a year now and it's only caused me serious hassles several times. In the winter cold, condensation appeared on the inside of our living room window. With that, the sensor fell off in the middle of the night while we were fast asleep. We woke up to the horrible squealing of the alarm and our phone ringing from the monitoring center. We were wide awake and had to look all over where the alarm tripped. We made a map next day of where each part of the alarm sensors are located so if there is another issue, we can look at the key pad and quickly find out what's wrong and where. As for the comment by a reviewer that the window sensor would do little for a smash and go, that's not true at all. We bought two motion detectors that arm when the system is in AWAY MODE, and we bought three glass break sensors so if the thief breaks the window it trips the alarm immediately. We use only the $14.99 a month plan as we only need to have the monitoring, not all of the extras. We had an issue with the front door sensor also falling off, causing an alarm beeping signal which we caught before it fully went off. We attached it again with strong Velcro and not the tape they provide which simply does not last. Another issue you need to be aware of is that when the key pads run low on battery power they stop communicating readily with the base, and even though you put your code in, it's a panic to get it to disarm before it goes off. One final thing, be sure you order the window decals and any other lawn signs and incidentals when you make your purchase as they charge absolutely exorbitant and obscene shipping charges for even the smallest of items like a window decal or a key fob which weighs nothing to ship. It is gouging, pure and simple.