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  • BEA - Devorah - If you ran Norton Antivirus 2012 and loved it... you'll hate this

    I have been a Norton fan since 2005... before that I was a McAfee fan because Norton products hogged up computer performance and McAfee did not. Well this update takes us back to the bad old days... I should have read the forums outside of amazon before I made the purchase. Norton 2013 slows your PC down to a crawl and has add-on products popping out all over like legs on a spider. Horrible! I took my laptop back to factor with a full formate and reinstall just to get rid of it. Thankfully a friend told me about Microsofts Security Essentials which is a FREE Antivirus/Spyware that knits into your OS like ice melts into water. I have never ran so smoothly... tip: make sure you get all your important updates and if you have a mass of them like I did from doing a full format be sure to install the Windows updates in small chunks of about 10 at a time... its quicker than trying to get all the updates with one massive download and install. BEWARE OF NORTON Antivirus 2013 until they get the performance issues fixed... for better still do a format and reinstall using the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft.

  • MiGi - Isogenix review from experience 2015 :-(

    For a combined bday/holiday gift (bec it's that expensive) I received isogenix from loving relative, as it worked for them.

  • Papa Foxtrot - Didn't work for me...

    Tried the DIY directions several times in my 2009 Tacoma. Each time the new remote was rejected by the vehicle - the directions don't mention it, but if the door locks cycle twice at the end of the programming sequence, the remote has not been accepted by the vehicle. The locks cycle once if you were successful. Took it to a dealer and paid $40 to find out they couldn't program it either. Note that this is not an OEM Toyota remote - there is no Toyota logo or part number on the back. Picked up a used Toyota factory remote off an auction site and it was accepted first try.

  • Lacydeau - Nice camera for a great price!

    I work 3rd shift which means my house is left unattended at night while I work... well almost vacant. I have dogs. Rottweilers and to be honest I always wondered what they do while Im not there at night. I was super excited to be able to get this camera to monitor them & my house while I'm away.