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  • Mr. C - Duh! They forgot the MICROWAVE!

    I bought this. It looks like a nice enough microwave for one person and they even advertise its hard cover (who wouldn't want a microwave with a hard cover?), but I wouldn't know if it actually is a good microwave since they only sent the complimentary book telling what you can cook with it and NO MICROWAVE.

  • K.G. - Not impressed.

    I was not impressed with this conditioner. It was ok, but not great, or even good. I actually prefer my cheapo Herbal Essences volumizing shampoo to this disappointment. The one nice thing I can say about this product is that it smells amazing and coconutty. But that's it. Sorry Ogx, I want to like you, but this is another miss for me. (Come to think of it, I have never liked a Ogx product. Perhaps it's time for me to move on from this brand.)


    I love doomsday movies but this particular film left me with a regurgitated taste in my mouth. The acting was horrendous and the dialogue gave me a lingering headache. Once in a while, I will find a B movie that is so-so. This one didn't even come close and seriously people...if those people were the chosen ones from God, then we would be in a world of trouble!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Best Cookware Set We've Ever Owned

    Very nice cookware set. Sturdy and heats evenly. Nice variety of sizes and classy appearance. Super easy to clean up as well.

  • paraddy - one of my favorite teas

    It is a great melange of herbs for an evening cup of tea if you like to have your tea n the evening and still would like to get a good night sleep. A very good aroma and a pleasant taste. will recommend.

  • Mari86 - Very happy with my purchase!

    I love the feel of this on my skin during use and after!!! It makes my skin super soft without it feeling greasy or sticky. It has a very light coconut scent, but not like suntan lotions. I'm very obsessed with using products with natural ingredients after dealing with cancer and I feel Aria Starr is very safe to use. I absolutely love it!

  • Robert - Picks up dust and hair rather than pushing it around

    I like the duster because it doesn't push dust and hair around. It picks it up. However, it has trouble picking up larger chunks of dirt. I hate normal sweeping because it pushes so much around and it's hard to pick up all the dust and hair. So what do you do? Both. I find this works ok alone, but does a nice job as a final clean up after I have swept if there are larger pieces of dirt to sweep up. The mop is a nice bonus for a quick cleanup, but won't replace your normal mop. Why do I say all this? I think it's a great supplemental piece of cleaning equipment, but it won't fully replace a mop or a broom.