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  • Amazon Customer - Could not put it down!

    Very good and entertaining read. I found myself very engaged in the main character and rooting for his success. I read this book because my company was doing a read of it between all the department heads managers and supervisors and one day my supervisor was telling me a bit about it so I decided to read it myself. I liked all the ideas it presented and tried to apply some of the principals in my daily work for my own benefit as well as the company's. I would recommend this to anyone who truly enjoys their job and has a vested interest in wanting to better their company and work environment.

  • AMGombera - Stopped working after a month of use for Nexus 5X

    Stopped working after about a month of use for my Nexus 5X. Very disappointing. I am returning this product and looking for a different brand.

  • T RE - Quality Product depends on your level of pain relief and injury for it to work, everyone should at least try it!

    I bought this because of the reviews and the option to return it. I used it everyday on my upper back and shoulders. I feel like it may have helped but just a little. Based on my amount of pain it may not have been the best product for me personally but for others, like my friend at work with foot pain form gout tried it and he absolutely loved it and bought it right away. I guess it just depends on what ailment you have and the degree of pain relief you need. I would recommend it to anyone, but as for me I needed something stronger, but overall a good smelling, quality product.