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  • Joseph Reeves - Great tool

    If you are looking for a good Wrench set at a great price this is it. This is not a snap on wrench set by any stretch of the imagination but for someone who only uses tools to fix things around the house one or twice a month this wrench set fits the bill perfectly.

  • R. Randall - Great little case, attracts fingerprints, though!

    This is a pretty nice case! It's sturdy, yet still has a little give so that you can get your phone in and out for changing of cases. It fits my iPhone 6 Plus very nicely and gives it a great, sleek look. It's a very soft feeling case and I like the way it has almost a slate look to the back panel. I gave it four stars because it gets fingerprint marks ALL OVER IT!!! I don't even know what I must've touched first, but there were so many fingerprints on the back that it was gross. So I tried to wipe it off only to make smears. So that's my only complaint - it's very odd in that respect. On the inside it is cushioned where the bottom of your phone would be, which is nice since that's where most of the pressure on your phone comes from when you're using home button or just holding the phone. I like that it has the open circle to showcase your apple logo - nice touch! If I didn't have a gold phone, I would've loved it even more, but the black on gold look is a little odd to me. Better suited for a black phone - much better!

  • Dawn Tennille - I would recommended this tea

    I would recommended this tea.It really works.With exercise and eating right I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks.I'm on my last 2 tea bags and I'm sure I will reach my goal of 10 pounds in a month supply.I ordered more and it came back less than a week.VERY satisfied.

  • P.Miller - Five Stars

    Excellent for improving speed, agility and hip strength. I've definitely noticed improvements in running pace since training with these.