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Conor W. O'Neill, M.D. - Conor O’Neill, M.D., diagnoses and non-surgically treats patients with chronic back/neck pain or spine disorders using diagnostic, therapeutic injections and interventional pain management.

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  • H. Wang - Difficult to install, slow to use.

    I never has such a painful experience in software installation. The steps of the installation are so long that I start to suspect problems with the CD. Everything is broken up so I have to install each application as an individual installation. The installer gets stuck on every section and I have to force a close through task manager.

  • Anonymous shooter - Can't believe it worked (for a while anyway)

    I used 2 quarts in a 22,000 gallon in ground pool that was losing 1/4"-3/8" a day. Worth a shot I figured. It's been 3 days since I poured it in and have left the system off for the last 2 days to let it cure.

  • Amazon Customer - Not very helpful.

    Going through the practice test I noticed quite often that the answer key would be wrong. This book will give you questions and give you no help on how to actually answer these questions. You'll be better off studying on your own.

  • Dean Pennington - It's Microsoft, what can I say

    Í didn't get this version because I had Windows 8 or because I want to store anything of mine in somebody's cloud (the virtues of which are inauspicious at best IMHO). I thought the basic colors chosen and the others available are washed out, blah. What I wanted and received was a version of Outlook that had more to it than what was first given the public in 2003. The other products in the PRO set (the only set that includes Outlook) are fine and I think I'll do fine with them. I expect excellence from Microsoft at this point, they're too far along in the business to be making major screw-ups. This way of delivery with a box for the store shelf and a download link inside is a logical advancement in fulfillment.

  • JYung - anti slip bath mat!

    An awesome anti slip rubber bath mat for all kinds of tubs. It's white in color and feels and looks good. I placed the bath mat in my bath tub and the mats stayed firmly in place. It stayed snug and did not slip. I cleaned my tub thoroughly before placing the bath mat in the tub. That mat is soft and it is very easy to wash. I like this because it helps keep my family safe from slipping in the tub and hurting themselves. This product is made of 100% silicone and the purpose is to provide you with the highest slipping resistance material. It stays put where ever you place in your tube or shower.

  • Bones - Not impressed at all!!!

    I received the bottle and used it over the next three days. I followed the directions, avoided ankle, knee and elbow areas directly and washed my hands after each application. I found some of the tanning color rubbed off on my under garments, my sheets and my white towels. After the third day it was finally sunny in my area, and I walked out into the sunshine and found my skin was orange in the sunlight, and no matter how hard I avoided the ankle, knee and elbow areas the solution built up, and I actually rubbed it off. In my opinion this product works no better than the otc sunning products I have used in the past.

  • Daniel Limbach - Never Gets Old

    When you compile the list of the 10 albums you would want if you were stranded on a desert island, this one might possibly get the most votes. Not only is it one of the all-time greats, but it is a double album, which has to factor into it.