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  • JENNIFER CARNEY - but not super easy. We are rear-facing in a toyota venza

    Beautiul carseat in the red boho. Not too hard an install, but not super easy. We are rear-facing in a toyota venza. It's a tight fight, but made it work. Our 9 month old I think is a little bummed out that the head wings are so big. It makes it hard to see her forward facing brother. But safety first.

  • Kim Bass - Terrible quality...

    Great idea, terrible quality. I ordered one of these for my 3 year old son. My 5 year old has a similar product but this was cuter for his room and easier for him to see from a far. The first one came, plugged it in, set the time, set the alarm then turned "on" the alarm at bed time so the red light was on until the alarm was set for the morning at 6:45 and was supposed to turn green. He came in our room around 7:00 and we thought "Great! It worked." I asked him if the clock was green and he said "No". I thought he was just goofing around. I went in his room, the whole thing was dead. No power whatsoever. I tried it in a different outlet and still nothing. I put batteries in which the directions said were "optional". Nothing. I ordered another one. Came a few days later, tried the same plug from the first one, it worked! Made me feel it wasn't the plug. I took the new one and new plug out, set it up, boxed up the old one and sent it back. I figured I should test the new one. Set the time, set the alarm for 2 minutes and waited. 2 minutes go by, red light goes off, green light does not come on! The green light was broken! I tried a few more times as well as letting it go overnight and the green light 100% did not work. At least this one still had power in the morning but it was useless since the green light didn't work. I ordered a new one. Boxed up the old one sent it back. New one arrived a few days later, tested the red and green lights. Both worked! Set it up in his room, plugged it in, put batteries in it just in case and waited for morning. He came busting in our room at 5:30 and I told him to go back and wait until the red light goes off and the green light comes on. He said the red light was off. I went in the room, it was dead. Again, I tried different outlets and nothing. Went to their website and called and e-mailed. No response. Returning it and going with the "Teach me Time" clock since it has worked for my daughter for 2 years without an issue.

  • Anjel - Worst mask I've ever used

    This mask is a joke. It caused me to breakout and I rarely if ever have broken out due to a face mask. It's a really disheartening feeling having something you hope will help with your existing acne + scars do the exact opposite, giving you more marks that'll last months.

  • F. Main - This product worked wonders for us. My daughter brought ...

    This product worked wonders for us. My daughter brought some home and the estimate I got from an exterminator was over $1,000. Not able to pay that, I turned to this. I did have to soak the bed about 3-4 times but it worked. I have yet to see any bugs. Keeping it on hand in case they decide to ever come back. I did vacuum after the bed dried too to get rid of eggs and bugs.

  • Derbydano - Works Good for Box Gutter Liner Repair

    I bought a house with this product used as a liner for the rusted out metal box gutters. After having the house re-roofed, the membrane was looking a little ragged. After cleaning the existing membrane, I applied a spray on surface prep from my local supply company that made the surface tacky and ready for a new layer of peel and seal. It applied quick and easy and adhered tight after a good seam and surface rolling. The old membrane was still working fine after at least twenty years on the roof. I expect this repair will last at least that long. This is a good sturdy product that I would be comfortable using for other applications too, such as flashing.