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  • Sir Guyon - Good product....BAD WARRANTY!!!!!

    Weathertech will only honor their products warranty if you only buy it through them. If you buy it through a 3rd party they will not honor the warranty. It is a very good product. I contacted the company and they just gave me a long list of hot air why they can't honor the warranty. It is funny that they have a wholesale office, and even if they are an authorized seller of WeatherTech floor mats they still will not honor their warranty.

  • Carolyn Haynes - Five Stars

    Great product!!. Makes my hair feel so soft after using it. Second time ordering it and will continue.

  • Purple Rain - This is a super fun activity!

    This is the ultimate "Futbol Fan" sticker album collection, so you can complete your book and trade with friends. I am very proud that Futbol has become a much more popular sport right here at home in the USA, I grew up watching Futbol with my Dad and love the sport. Panini has also been so popular with their trading cards and sticker collecting albums since I was a kid and I know they are of great quality. This provided a super fun activity with my nephew and niece they are both in soccer teams and just finishing up their season. This came right on time so they can learn a little about their favorite teams players and their stats while they enjoy watching a few games going on at the Copa America Centenario right here in the US.

  • Franco Sicilia Jr. - Hope to never run out!

    I have tried them all! I noticed an improvement the second day. I have been plagued by puffy eyes and dark circles for years. I have already purchased a second tube, since I can't tell how much is in the tube, all I know is I don't want to ever run out for even one day! I have been using it under the eye, in the corners, and on my eyelids, and the change is remarkable! It Is gentle on my skin, and has lightened, and softened my whole eye area. Finally a product that works, and is easy on the budget!

  • C. Johnson - Super Disappointing

    After doing a lot of research on which internet security system to purchase I decided to take a risk (for me) and not purchase Mcaffee or Norton but I gave Kaspersky a try. Well I have had this on my computer for about a month and last week I got a virus that took over and changed my web browser and started displaying all types of advertisements any time I opened internet explorer. Kaspersky did not block the virus. I had Kaspersky do a complete scan and it detected absolutely nothing; yet I knew something was wrong. After doing a bit more research, I opted to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE version and after 4 minutes it detected 9 threats and removed them easily. My laptop now runs as smoothly as it did when I purchased it 5 months ago. Honestly, I don't know if this security system is doing anything at all. I will not repurchase and I actually want a refund.

  • Tecocat - Some Pain Relief (I think), but the Jury's Still Out

    I received a very small sample of this product for free from PinchMe. I have a problem with nerve pain/sensitivity in my leg, particularly when I have to wear anything on my leg, so I tried this a couple of days ago when I had to go to the office (and, therefore, couldn't wear shorts). I *think* it *may* have helped some, but it was hard to tell for sure, since it was only one day and only for three hours. (I would have tried it more, but my sample arrived too close to the review deadline, plus the sample was so small...). I still have enough left to try it again when I go to the office next week, and I'll update this review if it seems to be more (or less) effective than it seemed the first time.