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  • Ignazio - I had a couple of warts, one in my ...

    I had a couple of warts, one in my index finger and another one in the thumb finger. I got both of them burned a couple of times to try to get rid of them but them came back after a while.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect texture for griping

    This mouse is incredible. Everything I could want. Perfect texture for griping. Effortlessly lifted. All of the clicks have perfect tactility and side buttons are in the perfect location to tap where my thumb wrests in a half claw grip.

  • AskTheNanny - Blah Blah, just buy Ionic Boron.

    Bear with me. This product may work because it is made from green lipped mussels, which growing a particular place in new zealand. HOWEVER the REASON green lipped mussels help in joint and muscle aches is their high concentration of BORON. You can take ionic boron 6mg daily and get even better results. People who live in areas of the world where boron is prevalent in the soil such as Israel, who consume 5-6 mg of boron thru their diet daily simply don't have the arthritis and other degenerative joint issues we do. The ionic Boron REALLY works, it will make a HUGE difference in mobility, morning aches, and arthritis pain. Take it for life, it really WILL make a MARKED change for you.

  • Jesse Murphy - This cream is amazing. I used it on my wife's bed sores

    This cream is amazing. I used it on my wife's bed sores. The nursing home had used at least four expensive creams over a period of five months and the sores continued. Using Emuaid they were healed in two weeks. The nursing home doctor was very impressedl

  • Christine Creed Hill - Much better than it used to be.

    Over the years I've tried FTM many times and always found it to be a huge memory hog. I didn't want to pay full price to try it again so I bought this one. I like how it connects with and I love that it Syncs and downloads all of the images I have attached to my ancestors. For that alone, to me it's worth the money.

  • jo jo from baltimore - jo jo baltimore

    A great product, which I use day and night on my dry areas! It has ceramindes, hyrulonic acid, and niacinmides, for a mere 12 bucks, if you gathered all those products from Olay, Loreal, and other companies you would spend 75 dollars or more. It is a gel cream formula, that sinks right into the skin. Your dermatologist would recommend this!

  • bbushvt - Good when it works, really bad when it doesn't

    Product is great when it works, however it has a tendency to break. Backups jobs will hang and no notification is given to the user, which can result if days of not weeks going by without backups occurring. Additionally, if you do run into an error, the program doesn't provide useful error messages or error codes so trying to fix it becomes near impossible. Finally, when you DO run into an issue (and you probably will), its likely your support contract has run out and they will make you pay to help resolve issues in their software. Not recommended