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  • Dave Stack | Board of Directors | Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Read more about Dave Stack, who is the President, CEO and Board of Directors member at Pacira Pharmaceuticals.
  • EXPAREL® | Non-Opioid Postsurgical Pain Analgesic | Pacira - Learn more about EXPAREL: a non-opioid local analgesic for postsurgical pain control
  • EXPAREL® Partnering | Pacira - Learn more about the product rights to EXPAREL®, along with potential opportunities for commercial partnerships outside of the United States.
  • DepoCyt(e)® | (cytarabine liposome injection) | Pacira - Learn more about DepoCyt(e)® (cytarabine liposome injection): a sustained-release liposomal formulation.
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  • DepoFoam® | Multivesicular Liposomal Platform | Pacira - Learn more about DepoFoam®: a multivesicular liposomal platform that is currently used in DepoCyt(e)®, DepoDur®, and EXPAREL®.
  • How DepoFoam® Works | Pacira - Read about how DepoFoam® technology permits systemic delivery of DepoCyt(e)®, DepoDur®, and EXPAREL™.
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  • SnowWhite81 - Super fast & accurate reading!

    I have never used thermometer like this before at home, they use some of the kids at the doctors office though. I was very excited to get one to tey out,we have about four of the ones you use under the arm, so I was ready to compare them with this one. First off I loved yhe packaging, it was in a nice silver colored box with a blue bow on it. It was ready to use right out of the box. None of us had any fevers but I used bith the regular one and this one with both settings(ear and forehead) and they all showed the same temperatures. So I am very please to say this works Awesome and its so easy to use. You just wipe it across the forehead to get a reading that way and it works so fast. I highly recommend ordering one of these to have it home for when you need it.

  • Helen Dillon - I love that it arrived on the day of release

    this was the most anticipated new release in the last decade. I love that it arrived on the day of release.

  • Mom of 2 - seresto flea collar for cats

    My cat is an inside cat and gets her exposure to fleas from my dog coming in and out. I've used advantage and frontline in the past with no problems. Needless to say I'm switching back. My cat has fleas and scratches all the time. The collar is only a little over a month old, so it must be at the strongest potency still. She never gets a bath so I have not gotten it wet. Very disappointed.

  • Bryan Martins - Great w/ limitations.

    It took me a while to figure out how to get it down to a true 0 cut. And now, a few months in, it will randomly seize on me. To fix it I usually smack it a few times but once it starts it's hard to keep it going smoothly again.

  • Amazon Customer - Especially good if you change your own oil.

    I have used these oil filters on my previous vehicle and really appreciated the ease of removing the filter by using the 1 inch socket I bought specifically for this purpose. I use the filter in conjunction with the K&N drop in air filter and Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil. If you plan to keep your car, use the best products you can find. And buy them on Amazon for less.

  • Leonard Woods - Good product, doesn't last long though

    This product did exactly what it said it would do. It removed unwanted hair quickly, painlessly and without an overwhelmingly bad odor. As a matter of fact, the smell was ok at first, but then became a little salon/chemical-ish, if you know what that smells like.

  • T. Kay - Happy with it!

    Works well and does its job. I feel like both my kids (3 and 5 months, ordered this when the baby was just weeks old) are secure and safe in my Bob. The only slightly annoying thing is you either have to get the older child into the stroller before you attach the car seat adapter or you'll have to lift him/her over the tray to get in. Not the worst, but not the most convenient either. Wish there was some way to convert it to a double snack tray after baby is out of infant seat.