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Connect with us Review: | Vaginal Mesh Implant | Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit - If You Have Vaginal Mesh Implant Problem, a transvaginal mesh lawsuit can help these women find compensation for the damages they have experienced.

  • Vaginal Mesh Implant Lawsuit | Should You File a Transvaginal Lawsuit | LifeCare123 - Women that has vaginal mesh implant complications read further on transvaginal mesh lawsuit options as provided by vaginal mesh lawyer
  • Sling Victims Avoiding MDL (Multi-District Litigation) - As long as FDA doesn’t move on these transobturator slings there will be potentially hundreds of pudendal neuralgia cases filed into perpetuity
  • Rehabilitation Doctor and Certified Life Care Planner Offering Superior Life Care Plans for Trans Vaginal Mesh (TVM) Opt-Out Clients. - Trans Vaginal Mesh opt-out clients should never go to settlement without a Life Care Plan in place. Protect your client’s interests with a medically sound, scientifically based documentation of long term needs.
  • Many Women Who Agree to Vaginal Mesh Surgery Don’t Understand the Risks - A number of women who agree to have vaginal mesh surgery have misconceptions about the risks involved, says the Life Care Solutions Group.
  • What Are the Dangers of Vaginal Mesh Implantation? - Vaginal mesh makers remain under scrutiny as women’s health advocates continue to raise awareness about the dangers of vaginal mesh implantation.
  • Why Haven’t Vaginal Mesh Devices Been Recalled? - Many question why a transvaginal mesh device recall has yet to be announced by the FDA or mesh makers as evidence surfaces about related health risks.
  • Scars That Remain After a Mesh Injury by Dr. Greg Vigna - Many women suffer not just physical but also emotional scars after their transvaginal mesh has failed, says the Life Care Solutions Group.
  • When is Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse the Best Option? - Having surgery for pelvic organ prolapse is a big step. An expert urogynecologic surgeon can help you decide what’s best for you.

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  • MikePot - Fit weel

    Fit well good for the price. You do require side rails already installed or you should know how to install them before you buy these

  • Mel G. - Similar to Olaplex

    As a professional stylist I have to say I love this stuff! It's really similar to Olaplex and much cheaper. I love that it is available on Amazon as well. Sometimes it's very difficult to get to the professional supply store, so having something similar on Amazon is super convenient. I used this on my own hair first before testing on a client. I normally lift my hair once every 4 weeks to keep up with regrowth. I like my hair to be a platinum blonde, above a level 10, so white. It was very easy to achieve in much less time and less damage with this product. There are a lot of uses in this kit as well, I would say as many as 50 total. So you really get your values worth! HOW TO USE There are 3 products or 3 steps. First product acts as a chemical protector, Second acts as a post-chemical rebuilder. Third step is a powerful post-chemical fortifier (which is also suggested as homecare, even for those who did not perform the steps). This kit contains first 2 products 1 x Bond Maker, 2 x Bond Reconstructor. Appication: 1. Add 2 mL of Step 1: Bond Maker for each 10 g of bleaching powder in the color preparation and mix everything in the bowl. Apply the mix in the hair as the usual process. Rinse without shampoo. 2. After rinsing the hair apply 15 mL to 20 mL of Step 2: Bond Reconstructor in the hair. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the entire section, from the roots to the ends. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse the hair, shampoo and condition. 3. Use Bond Fortifier Step3 at home to guarantee the anti-inflammatory process of the bonds, and to amplify the effect.