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  • Tzitzi linares - So far so good

    I've been wanting to try this type of product for a long time. All you have to do is brush with this powder twice a day for two minutes and then rebus with your regular tooth paste. The claim is that in 30 days you'll have whiter teeth. With some products you notice the difference right away after a few uses. I have noticed a very small difference so far and will update after a few more uses. I drink a lot of tea so I'm hoping this will work. The product is tasteless an order less. It is a very small container but all you need is a small amount, so I can definitely see it lasting.

  • CROB - Not Recommended

    The software quality control is totally missing. I used the label maker to make CD labels. When I went to print, I told it to use Memorex A4 paper and print 50 labels for which it correctly said needed 25 sheets using 2 labels per page. When I printed, it printed 2 labels on the first page and only one on the other 24 pages. Then the labels were mis-registered so that they were unusable. I then tried to burn data CDs and it froze up multiple times - each time while verifying the CDs. I never had this type of problems with the old Roxio software. As far as I'm concerned Corel messes up everything they touch. I didn't know that they made it until I started trying to report the error. By the way, I could not find a way to report the problems. Does "Dilbert" work there?

  • NYFB - Manuka Honey...

    Manuka (tea shrub) is a type of honey found in New Zealand and Australia. 16 is the UMF=Unique Manuka Factor which also can be found in factors of 12 and 20. The higher the UMF, the more medicinal value. Most honey sold in US are treated somehow either by filtering, diluting, blending, pasteurizing... which removes pollens which identify where the honey was produced and without pollens, honey has no medicinal value. This honey is so superior that once consumed, it helps allergies due to pollen content and more and externally can be applied to the skin to treat any condition.