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Spine & Scoliosis Specialists | Spinal Injuries | Greensboro, NC - Spine & Scoliosis Specialists is the only practice in Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina that focuses solely on spine care.

  • Careers with Spine & Scoliosis Specialists | Greensboro, NC - Spine and Scoliosis represents a talented group of employees who are committed to servicing the needs of our patients.
  • For Physicians | Spine & Scoliosis Treatment | Asheboro - Our board-certified physicians provide spine and scoliosis treatment to patients.
  • Spine Specialists | Scoliosis Doctor | Greensboro, NC - Spine & Scoliosis Specialists, located in Greensboro, provides treatment for diseases and conditions of the spine.
  • Spine Surgery Doctors | Treat Scoliosis | Winston-Salem, NC - Our three board-certified physicians specialize in the treatment of spinal disorders, including scoliosis and
  • Spine Surgery | Treat Spinal Injuries | High Point, NC - Spine & Scoliosis Specialists uses nonsurgical inventions to eliminate pain and restore mobility quickly.
  • Orthopedic Spine Doctor | Back Specialists | Asheboro, NC - Our board-certified physicians have undergone advanced training in treatment of the spine and back.
  • Max Cohen, MD | Board-certified Spine Specialist | Greensboro - Dr. Max Cohen specializes in complex spinal disorders, including scoliosis in children and adults.
  • Thomas Saullo, MD | Spine Surgery Recovery | Eden, NC - Dr. Saullo specializes in physical rehabilitation, helping patients decrease pain and increase function through therapy.
  • Ruben Torrealba, MD | Spine Surgeon | Graham, NC - Dr. Ruben Torrealba specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of simple and complex spinal disorders.
  • Spine Specialist | Scoliosis Doctor | Winston-Salem, NC - Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment to our patients throughout Greensboro, NC.
  • Spine & Scoliosis Specialists | Piedmont Triad Area NC - Our three board-certified physicians provide spine treatment at our offices in Greensboro and High Point, NC.
  • Spinal Injuries | Greensboro, NC | Herniated Disc Surgery - Spine and Scoliosis Specialists provides advanced treatment for herniated discs, spinal stenosis and scoliosis.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions General Knowledge FAQs Diagnostic Tests FAQs Non-Operative Treatments FAQs Symptoms FAQs Conditions FAQs Surgical
  • Spine & Scoliosis Specialists Video Library | High Point, NC - The Spine & Scoliosis Specialists video library provides patients with information on all our procedures.
  • Spine Injuries | Scoliosis Treatment | Greensboro, NC - Our trained spine specialists, provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment for all diseases and injuries of the spine.
  • Diagnostic Imaging | Spine Injury Treatment | Greensboro - (MRI) scans and other diagnostic imaging services are performed at the Spine & Scoliosis office.
  • Non-Operative Spinal Treatments | Winston-Salem, NC - Spine & Scoliosis Specialists provides patients with non-operative spinal treatments including injections and muscle relaxers.
  • Interventional Spine Surgery Procedures | Greensboro - Spine & Scoliosis specialists performs surgical and interventional procedures on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.
  • Radiology | Spine MRI, PET Scan | High Point, NC - We provide patients with spine MRIs and PET Scan to properly diagnose and treat conditions of the spine.
  • Spinal Brace | Spine Specialist | Winston Salem, NC - Our physicians sometimes prescribe a spinal brace, or DME, unit as part of the treatment plan.
  • Fluoroscopy | Spinal Cord Stimulator | Burlington, NC - Our office includes a fluoroscopy suite where we use sophisticated imaging equipment to guide us in spinal injections.
  • Physical Therapy | Spine Injury | Greensboro, NC - Spine & Scoliosis specialists provides on-site physical therapist through BreakThrough Physical Therapy.
  • Worker's Compensation | Spine & Scoliosis Specialists | Greensboro - Spine & Scoliosis Specialists offers a full range of services for employees with job-related injuries.

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