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  • karmar - Info from the Vitanica company on this product

    I emailed the Vitanica company about this product as I wanted to buy it directly from their online store. It was not listed in their products so I asked about it. This was their response:

  • wvmtb - Better for now but in no way cured!

    I've tried a few different ways to clear up my toenail fungus. Only one I found of any help was Lamisil. After taking the pills for about 6 months 2 of my 10 nails cleared up and looked normal and healthy. Then I figured I would give Zetaclear a shot and here's what I got out of it. Really didn't want to try anymore Lamisil due to my insurance would no longer help cover the cost, it's expensive and I hate to know what it did or might do to my liver.

  • Mastiff - Powerful - not holding up - terrible customer service

    Previously I was using a standard Hamilton Beach blender to make smoothies and was constantly frustrated by the thing getting hung up on chunks of frozen fruit that were too big, plus it was a pain to clean. I've only had this a few days at this point, but I can't see it ever lacking for power. I tested it with some big hunks of frozen peach and it didn't even notice. I like this blender and am giving it four stars. It has some down sides:

  • dkilpatrick - The Floormate SpinsSrub is a true time saver and makes cleaning tile and laminate floors easy. No more mops/buckets and then usi

    Receive quickly. I waited a little while before submitting my review to see how this floor cleaner actually worked. The Floormate SpinsSrub is a true time saver and makes cleaning tile and laminate floors easy. No more mops/buckets and then using something to remove the water remaining on the floor. The dirt that this picks up is amazing and the floor is dry within minutes because of the wash and dry functions. I purchased this older model because of the reviews and because I also like the vacuum feature, the newer model does not have this function. The only Con I can find is when cleaning the bathrooms the FloorMate is to wide to get in some of the small spaces. But if that is my only complaint that is nothing compared to all of the Pros, it is light comes apart easily to clean it, cleans the floors great (no more just moving around dirty water-yuck) very convenient. You can use multiple cleaners in it. iI am Very happy with this purchase and my floors have never been so clean. If you have a house with mostly tile and laminate floors and animals this is a must have appliance to keep your house clean. Thanks