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  • Franz - Finally, a Decent Wallet Replacement Card Case

    Hands down the best card case out there for those of us that must fit at least 4 cards and could care less about the extra thickness required to pull it off. Very secure hinged door that shuts tight, access to all port functions, no camera flash issues at all and a raised bezel to protect the front screen of phone when laid flat. All other types of these card cases where the cards are hidden only fit 3 cards if your lucky and out of those three two must not have embossed numbers. This is a thick, rugged case but still fits in my back pocket and best of all no wallet needed. The only complaint and it is minor one is the oval cutout for the flash and camera is a dust magnet. No offense to the ladies but if your a man and hate carrying around a phone and a wallet buy this!

  • Joe Mark - Installed easily, just as described in instructions

    Installed easily, just as described in instructions, with just a little manipulating. It looks great and is unobtrusive. The rack's design did not infringe or take away from the Grand Cherokee's design. I'll probably leave it on all the time. To date I have not had an opportunity to test its load capabilities, but I expect no problems as it seems to be well designed with good materials.

  • S. Greer - This is ALSO GREAT for breakouts on your face

    This is ALSO GREAT for breakouts on your face, i.e. - PIMPLES. I just dab a tiny bit on a new;y erupting blemish and bam, it is gone over night. Seriously. One 8 oz bottle lasted me 15 years. I am back to buy another bottle for the next 15 years. I cannot emphasize enough how effective this is for blemishes, sure wish I had it when I was a teenager.

  • Aimie Abrams - More character development would have made this book better. The twists and turns came too fast for ...

    This book is similar to Gone Girl and Girl On The Train, but it lacks depth. More character development would have made this book better. The twists and turns came too fast for this story to have been plausible.

  • Holly Caddell - Better than "Twilight!"

    I was hesitant when I read the summary of this book because I felt like it was going to be another disappointing vampire novel like "Twilight." The female character has a strong sense of self-respect unlike Bella Swan. I definitely prefer stronger, more relatable, female leads. Seriously, read this and you will be hooked like I am.

  • Doctor D - Worked wonders as a bedbug pesticide, but a strategy is required

    Having realized in horror that I had a mild bedbug infestation confined to my bedroom, I researched for the most effective, natural way of getting rid of them (I was not in the market to spend hundreds, let alone thousands, of dollars on chemical toxins that might not work that well). This led me to this product, step one of my strategy. Step two required learning as much as possible about this pest. So here's how I got rid of them:

  • Amazon Customer - Where's the apricot?

    All right. So, I tried this stuff after a roommate of mine claimed that it cleared his skin up. It did nothing for me. Seriously. My main problem isn't even so much that it was ineffective, but that it's called an "Apricot Scrub." Under Amazon's product description it even says, "Key ingredient: APRICOTS" and goes on to describe all the glorious benefits of said fruit. However, your search for apricot in the ingredients (amidst terrifyingly unpronounceable chemicals and carcinogens alike) ends at the very tail end with "Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract." Which means that there is barely any actual APRICOT in this APRICOT scrub. If you're like me, you may have thought that those little rough bits are ground apricot kernels. Not so. They're actually "Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder." Maybe there should be giant pictures of walnuts instead of apricots on the tube? I don't know.